The Hood sisters is the name given to the three teenage daughters of Robin Hood and Maid Marian in the Anthro Saga.

The sisters


Katya is one of the Hood sisters and is one of three daughters of Robin Hood and Maid Marian. She is the oldest of the three sisters at the age of 18.


She is often referred to as a "pure" vixen because of her fur color whilst most children in the Fox Junta have mixed fur colors. In this case Katya has red fur which she also gets from her parents and like other animals has a more realistic anatomy. Interestingly enough her clothing is also similar to that of the Ukrainian vixen Hanna as she wears a long sleeved black T-Shirt, black leggings, a black leather jacket and black boots making some boys at her school call her a goth. As well as her native English Katya also speaks Russian, Bulgarian, Polish and intermediate Hungarian.


Katya is shown to be the closest to her mother as she is often shown to be always with her during her father's funeral or on any other occasion. Like most teenagers she has a strong devil may care attitude which often causes conflict with her parents and her teachers and so does the fact she has a rebellious streak in her personality.

She is friendly and defensive to her friends but she has a bad temper and is prone to outbursts of anger but afterwards also has strong emotional outbursts. Her temper also causes her to be a victim of bullying and so does the fact she isn't as aggressive despite the fact she has a bad temper. But all this aside Katya does share friendships with other children in the Junta. Even if Aida has problems associating with her.


Lucie is one of the Hood sisters and is one of the three daughters of Robin Hood and Maid Marian. She is the second oldest of the sisters at the age of 17.


Unlike most children be they in the Fox Junta or not Lucie's clothing is more laid back and more energetic. The same goes for other females as they wear much more formal and serious clothing. She has orange-red fur with a white underbelly like her parents and sisters and wears a pink vest, grey leggings like sports leggings, white socks and running trainers. On formal occasions she wears a white dress with black stripes and high heels


Like most children in the Fox Junta Lucie's clothing fits her personality. She is very energetic but prefers performing arts to sports at times but that doesn't hinder the fact that she does enjoy sports. Like Katya and Remy as well as many children in the Fox Junta and female members of the Animalian Patriotic Front Lucie is also very acrobatic and skilled in martial arts and also gymnastics. Even though she is skilled in martial arts she is overwhelmed during the Night of the Thieves.


Remy is one of the Hood sisters and one of three daughters of Robin Hood and Maid Marian. She is the youngest of the sisters at the age of 16.


Unlike most vixens Remy's fur is orange and like her sister Katya she wears similar clothing to Junta children. In Remy's case her clothing is also worn by the Estonian vixen Maarja and the Serbian vixen Mirjana who she and her sisters are also friends with at school. Her clothing is also worn by female guards and torturers at Majlinka. Remy wears a white blouse, a blue knee length skirt, a blue jacket, a red, white and black striped scarf, black leather gloves, standard colored tights and high heels.


As her supervisor Nancy learns during Remy's first interment Remy cares deeply for her sisters and comes off as being a very loving and caring character towards her parents and sisters. To her friends particularly towards the Serbian vixen Mirjana she is shown to be sympathetic but in battle she is a very fierce fighter yet like Mirjana she is a pacifist and if she can tries not to fight. She says the only time she does fight is in self defense or in defense for her friends or in defense of her sisters but before she can attack Phil after her father is exterminated and later his supporters she tries to escape from Stevie but fails. To her parents she is the closest to her father but finds it strange why someone Katya's age is as close as she is to her parents to which Katya often tells her that many of the Junta children are her age and they live with their parents.

The Anthro Saga

Under the Animalian Junta Robin Hood, Maid Marian and their daughters are put through plenty of struggles after the first Animalian coup. Robin is dismissed from the government and during the Night of the Thieves he and his wife are forced into obscurity whilst his daughters are interred at Majlinka transit camp and sent their different ways. Remy is forced into torture and Katya and Lucie are put under the care of Carly and Felicia.

Katya and Lucie are stripped to the waist, sat on the floor, tied up and gagged and stay like that for three days until another Majlinka guard Louise frees them and sends the girls back to their parents. Robin Hood and his family then spend the rest of the dictatorship under protection of a belligerent group that hopes to topple the Junta but their plan is foiled by a kidnapping squad led by Phil and also by the Daleks. In the fight all but three of Robin's supporters are killed and ultimately Robin himself is exterminated. The other supporters are rounded up and exterminated in the streets which Katya sees after escaping from Daniel's grip. She then attacks Phil who then has the girls sent back to Majlinka and their mother sent to the Women's prison.

For their second interrment the girls are put together where they are met by other female members of the Junta be they in the Dominators or not. They are then ordered to strip to the waist one by one, Remy strips to her tights and takes off her shoes, Lucie takes off her vest and trainers and Katya strips to her leggings and takes off her boots. Their hands are then tied behind their backs and rope is fastened around their upper chests like a harness for each of them and also around their ankles. Alphonse then reviews them and gives the female guards permission to punish the girls.

The girls' ankles are then untied and they are laid on the floor in a line next to each other. For about two minutes they are then beaten with riding crops, kicked and also screamed at by their captors and finally their ordeal finishes one at a time. For the same amount of time Remy is beaten with her own shoes, Lucie is beaten with her own trainers and Katya is beaten with her own boots and after a period of beatings, kickings and being screamed at each of them are kicked one last time and spend the last three months at Majlinka. During the liberation of Majlinka they are found by Asma and re-united with their mother.

The sisters are also attendents of their father's state funeral and also mourn the loss of their father, Today they live in Animalia with their mother.

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