Humberto is a Brazilian fox involved with the Fox Junta. He is the leader of the Brazilian faction and is the husband of Dilma and the father of Dulce and Luiz.


He was named after Brazilian dictator Humberto de Alencer Castelo Branco


Unlike his wife who has very dark blue fur with a purple tinge to it, his daughter who has yellow fur and his son who has navy colored fur he has green fur and whilst others have slightly more distinguishable features Humberto's sole distinguishable feature is his face as he has a very white face. In his first appearance he is a normal fox but in his return in the Anthro Saga he wears a white shirt, a grey jacket and grey trousers and a black tie but in Argentina he wears black trousers, a black jacket, a white shirt and a white bow tie.


Unlike Anastasio Humberto has relatively high standards however he calls them "appearances" than "standards" he is also highly concerned for his allies and is just as practical as the Czech general Gustav even though he is much more serious than Dilma. It is also believed his son is just as cynical as him and it is also believed that Luiz gets his cynical nature from his father.

Nonetheless he does have a health sense of humor enjoying the acts of Arnold, many of the generals in the Junta ad Alberto's act with his son Vladimiro. Just as Alberto and Vladimiro collaborate and Gustav and Alexander collaborate Humberto and Luiz also collaborate on stage which Dilma enjoys as does Dulce, much like other generals in the Junta Humberto is a very charismatic ruler and though he respects the military students he dismisses them as "preposterous" but he is also fiercely protective of Dilma, Dulce and Luiz because they are his wife and children, he is rather chivalrous as well and it is said by Dilma that this is the reason she fell in love with him. Despite his flaws, compared to Ali in the A.P.F as well as Georgios Humberto enjoys watching the Junta babies and despite his flaws does love his wife and children.

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