Hyena Battalion Rifles
Leaders Prince John
Strength 500
Allies Each other
The Rogues
Opponents Botticelli
Professor Ratigan
The British Army
Engagements Unknown
Part of Unknown'
Founded by {Template:Seventh

The Hyena Battalion rifles is the name given to the Hyena battalion under the command of The Rogues in the abandoned story The Mouse and the Rat. They are considered a change from the typical villainous portrayal of spotted hyenas in literature.


The battalion is a typical battalion composed of 500 spotted hyenas, like the Hyenas are led by Scar in The Lion King the Rifles are led by Prince John. Whilst most of them carry ancient weaponry such as pikes or halberds other members carry guns such as muskets or modern day rifles and carbines, the hyenas seen patrolling the Tower of London including the ones seen by Olivia Flaversham wear uniform similar to the uniform worn by the guards of Buckingham Palace or beef-eaters except they do not wear hats.

During a display, the hyenas wear beige trousers, white shirts, beige jackets and black ties whilst in battle they wear dark green trousers and dark green shirt, style jackets. Some hyenas also carry World War II style weaponry such as Arisaka Type 99 rifles, often during the hyenas patrol, the hyenas that carry guns have them slung over their shoulder



Ancient weaponry

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