Ilham is an Animalian politician and former soldier currently serving under the Animalian Patriotic Front. He and the other Azerbaijani member Mehriban are the only two members to be married.


He was named after Ilham Aliyev


He is an anthropomorphic Caucasian Shepherd Dog who much like few Asian dogs wears more Westernized clothing as Azerbaijan is in Eurasia and arguably he wears similar clothing to Junta soldiers in the Animalian Junta. In Ilham's soldier days he wears a black polo shirt and military style trousers but in his government days he wears dark blue trousers, a dark blue suit jacket, a white shirt and a brown tie. He speaks English, Azerbaijani, Russian, Turkish and other Asian languages.


Ilham has arguably on quality that few possess as he can play the piano as shown at the Teatro del Libertador General San Martín when he plays "Skimbleshanks" As well as modern music he enjoys classical and religious music but is not as religious as Ruhollah, Bikram or some of the other Arab dogs. Nonetheless he enjoys Arab architecture to which the Uruguayan fox Fructuoso says that "you should. You have plenty of it" to which he takes offense at first but comes to the realization that the general is joking with him.
As well as Eastern architecture Ilham also enjoys the charm of classical film set in the Middle East. But though he enjoys Eastern architecture he prefers architecture made from bricks rather than stone preferring "those seen in Iran and Afghanistan". Despite the fact he is not of any particular religion he also enjoys places of worship.

But behind his personality he is a ruthless foe, in battle he takes no prisoners, the only prisoner he ever takes is Siad and also orders him to be tortured and also orders the torture of the Junta's prisoners yet has a soft spot for Olivia and Rachel and instead allows them to be humiliated by the Junta girls. And it is said that his leadership in battle breaks all the laws of diplomacy and he is a force that his foes cannot handle.

Off the battlefield though he is rather compassionate towards young Junta children and also the Junta babies who seem to enjoy being around him. Mehriban also says that Ilham has a certain fatherly aura almost but also towards prisoners has the aura of a dictator as he believes that prisoners are similar to the way the Khmer Rouge treated prisoners as if they are not animals and believes that because they are in prison they are guilty and eligible for torture. In his government days this aura of prisoner dictatorship is gone.

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