Irma is a former Animalian politician and former member of the Animalian National Socialist Union. She is the leader of the women's wing of the organization and the only one to have a foreign name as the other members have English names.


She was named after Irma Grese


She is an anthropomorphic German Shepherd and though she is the highest rank in the women's ring alongside Serafina she wears military style clothing. In her military days she wears a white blouse, a dark green jacket, a dark green skirt and black boots but in prison she wears the same but discards her jacket. Much like most of her allies she also wears her military clothing Out of prison.


Perhaps no one in the Animalian Union despises Mufasa more than Irma does, she mainly criticizes him for his supposed "dictator" rule when in actuality he is a fair ruler until his popularity erodes. She mainly reviles him for Animalia's portrayal of Germans in Animalia however this only goes to show that when she gets power she has the power to throw around. But despite the fact she is the leader of the women's rank Irma is very cautious to know what to do with her power.

Much like most members at Majlinka and also Melanie at Trebdanek when Irma eventually receives a power build she sees prisoners as her own personal playthings often kidnapping young adult females and dressing them in rubber maid outfits effectively turning them into her playthings. She also treats most young adult females like slaves but thankfully she knows the bounds of what should be taken. Regardless it doesn't alter the fact she still exploits females.

Irma is also highly cunning and intelligent as well as going to prove there is no winning with her because of the fact she is frustrated by those who like to show off their bodies as well as those who are sympathetic and those who "do not dress properly" one of them being Moira as well as Marian, Shannon and Frederica. However she is much of a hypocrite being frustrated by those who like to show their bodies off yet seeing most female members of the Union's allies dressing in latex as well. Nonetheless she is respectful on trial and also expresses her fall from grace.

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