Jane is a torturer at the Trebdanek concentration camp and former member of the Animalian Junta .


Now it could be argued that of all the personnel at Trebdanek Jane is the most distinguishable not necessarily due to the fact that she is a cheetah though that is the main reason but because of her physique. She has long arms and also long legs. Also like most guards like Sunita Jane's clothing choice is much more relaxed and like Myra Jane does not only believe that because she is higher up than the prisoners then she can do whatever she likes but because she is a torturer then she can wear what she likes and believes military clothing are for guards and not torturers though Hannah , Abigail and Phoebe have told her otherwise. Jane's clothing choice consists of a dark green knee length skirt, a white short sleeved blouse, a dark green tank top sometimes and black boots. She is also very commonly seen carrying a Cat o'nine tails but this version is much less lethal.


Just like Myra Jane is a very arrogant character and also believes that because she is higher up than the other prisoners she can do whatever she likes but unlike Myra who believes that her powers need have no limits Jane knows that penalties for disobedience have consequences. She is also a very cruel character and as well as torture Jane is also the most common member of the Junta to be involved in whippings and beatings striking victims on their backs with her whip.


At first when the Animalian Patriotic Front advance on Trebdanek Jane tries to kill herself by self flagellation multiple times but decides against the idea and instead tries to flee with Mirage's group but as that group is full she tries to flee with Hannah but unfortunately Hannah plans to be the last group to leave and this turns to be a mistake. As the Animalian Patriotic Front and the National Protection Process liberate Animalia they surrender themselves and ultimately Jane is arrested with the rest of the group. She and the others are taken to the Animalian Palace of Justice and at her trial Jane is sentenced to ten years in prison but released early for good behavior. Today she lives in Animalia.

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