Janez is a Slovene fox involved with the Fox Junta and is the right hand man of Sergej.


He has red fur with a dark blue face compared to Borut who's face is red, Janez also has a white underbelly. In his first appearance he is a normal fox but in his return in the Anthro Saga he is another plainclothes generals in his just as much the explorer as Borut is. In this case he wears a white turtleneck sweatshirt, cream trousers and a cream safari style jacket.


Janez is shown to be just as close to Sergej as his left hand man Viktor is, he and Borut are also shown to be very close friends even if he is shown to be a lot less lucky, in one case the car in which the two are travelling in goes over a cliff taking both generals with it, Janez supposedly drowns whereas Borut lands in a tree which soon gives way and sends him into the water below. However at shooting it is very rare that he will miss a target, like Borut he and Ramash are also shown to be close friends.

Like his allies and enemies he is also very trigger happy and carries out orders either from Sergej or Roberto without question, as he is a right hand man he also expects dedication as much as his leader expects discipline. Tanja says of Janez "There is always one who can travel through a war torn territory and show no emotion. Janez is an example of one of those who can." this does not necessarily mean that other members of the Junta and their allies and enemies are cowardly because as it is shown they are very brave fighters. Janez however is also just as friendly with Tanja as other Slovene generals are which is also shown when he watches the Junta vixens including Tanja take part in torture and denigration of old resistance fighters, like others Janez remains loyal to his leader to the end.

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