Jerónimo is an Ecuadorian fox involved with the Fox Junta. He is the son of the Ecuadorian general Vincente and his wife Anne and is Aida's brother. Jerónimo is not to be confused with the Ecuadorian general of the same name.


Compared to his sister he is arguably the darkest Latin American Junta child as he has dark blue fur and whilst most members of the Junta wear brighter clothing Jerónimo is often called a goth as he wears black trousers and a long sleeved black T-Shirt but his T-Shirt has white sleeves and he is the only child to wear jewelry as he wears dog tags round his neck but he also wears rings on his left ring and index fingers and the same goes for his right hand.


Jerónimo is often described by Marco as "quite the perfect actor" but he also has a very short temper and known for flying into a rage very quickly but is also well known for his humiliation of Siad when he is captured by the Fox Junta. He has a very snide and sarcastic sense of humour who takes a great pleasure in humiliation. Nonetheless he does know the lines of what should be taken seeing most methods used on Siad as being fine but having him bark like a dog being "preposterous and impossible."

On making Siad bark like a dog Jerónimo says that the chance of it happening would "be impossible as he is a cat and cats don't bark". After Siad is handed over to the older Junta boys the fox makes Siad meow like a cat and afterwards the Junta boys humiliate Siad in plenty of ways including burning him with incandescent objects mainly sparklers and irons as well as shooting him with a makeshift machine gun which leads to him running round in Jerónimo's words "like a buffoon" as he is getting shot which ultimately results in him running into a wall.

Jerónimo may like the Junta babies but he is also frustrated with them at night because they have a very shrill and loud cry but manages to hide his frustration with them. Nonetheless he does love his sister and is particularly close friends with Maximiliano, Florencio, Marco and Lorenzo but also is friends with the other older Junta boys.

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