Jorge is an Argentine fox involved with the National Protection Process and the leader of the National Protection Process which is the name given to a military style organization that joins forces with the Fox Junta and the Animalian Patriotic Front during the Animalian dictatorship when the organizations flee to Argentina.


He was named after the Argentine dictator Jorge Rafael Videla


Though he is Argentine he is often mistaken to be of various nationalities mainly Honduran, Guatemalan, Salvadoran and Argentine as he has light blue fur but it is not too bright. During his time in Argentina and Animalia in general he wears a white shirt, a brown tie, a brown jacket and brown trousers. As one of the judges he does not wear traditional judges robes, instead he wears a dark blue jacket, a light blue shirt, dark blue trousers and a red tie arguably matching Jorge Videla in the last days of his life.


One of the characteristics of Jorge is that he is very experienced in protection and military service and manages to keep Steele and police officers at bay during the search for both dogs. He also enjoys power and at Siad's trial is one of the main judges with Charlie on his left and Roberto on his right, he is very easily influenced by allies though and sentences Siad to death by a firing squad. Though another Argentine general Jorge in the Fox Junta calls Roberto's plan to instantly execute Siad rash he agrees and is one of the organizers of the military tribunal.

Though he has a twisted sense of humour he also has a rather healthy sense of humour but according to his right hand man Emilio "it's very rare to see him smile.", though he hates Siad his hypocrisy also comes in with the Animalian Junta because though he hates Siad Jorge is completely compassionate with Emily and lets her sleep in his room with him and his wife Raquel much to his wife's frustration. Nonetheless Jorge loves his wife and is friendly with his allies.

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