Josef is a Slovak fox involved with the Fox Junta and is the left hand man of Ivan.


He has white fur with a light blue face that is the same colour as the fur of one of his generals Milan and a red underbelly. In his first appearance he is a normal fox but in his return in the Anthro Saga like the Uruguayan general Manuel he does not wear the traditional military attire of other generals instead preferring to wear black priest robes.


Josef is shown to be friendly with Vojtech who serves as another one of Ivan's left hand men and also with Stefan evidently shown when he is quick to answer Milan's distress call until it is shown that his car is attacked with rubber bullets, he is also just as close to Ivan as the other three Slovak generals and is very impatient. In spite of his appearance he is shown to be very militaristic and a lot more intolerant than Ivan, one militaristic characteristic is that he is pleased with the very high levels of discipline shown in the Fox Junta's allies.

As he and Vojtech as Ivan's left hand men he and Vojtech are shown to be just as close to each other as Milan and Stefan. On his relations with Milan and Stefan he describes the relations as being "Loyal to each other to the end." and this ultimately is shown to be very, very true. Being someone who likes discipline it is no surprise that Josef is someone who refused to give aid to the first Animalian Patriotic Front and is also someone who dislikes babies. He is also very cynical disliking most forms of comedy and his appearance gives him a few religious characteristics one of which is that he enjoys playing the piano but prefers playing the organ. His religious side also leads to Josef being involved with some religious activities after he leaves the Junta.

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