Josefina is a Uruguayan vixen involved with the Fox Junta. She is the daughter of the Uruguayan general Fructuoso and his wife Lucia and the sister of Santiago.


Despite she is a baby Josefina was named after an adult. The wife of the late dictator Juan Maria Bordaberry


Despite the fact there is no oldest or youngest child in the Junta Josefina and her brother are the youngest children in the Junta being around the age of infancy. In her case she has dark blue fur with a white underbelly and wears a pink infant bodysuit and a white nappy when she is in the bunker. In Argentina she wears a pink dress and a white nappy but in The Illusionist she simply wears a white nappy. At times she also sucks a dummy.


Because she is the youngest child in the Junta and is a baby Josefina acts like a baby as well as she is very fidgety and likes to fidget and squirm around with her parents. Though despite her age none of the Junta are too patronizing to her and also Josefina can walk without aid but to no-one's surprise she speaks what her parents call "baby talk" which is basically simple words or gurgling. Like many young children Josefina often likes to wander off and like Bernadette, Carmen and Bella she is robophobic though because of her age she is very scared of robots especially the Daleks who haunt her dreams but she is also very playful often playing with her brother, her parents, Guillermo with her brother and the tails of many members of the Fox Junta, other children in the Junta, members of the National Protection Process and many members of the Animalian Patriotic Front.

Even though she is more younger than Santiago she is just as immature and babyish as him as well as much louder as him but the difference between her and Santiago is that when she has a dummy in her mouth it is put in her mouth and stays there whereas with Santiago at one point is crying so his father gives him a dummy to suck, he spits it out and he cries even louder. Because she is less than a year old Josefina is also just as prone to tantrums as Santiago is but whilst Santiago accepts Valerie whilst he and his sister play with her Josefina appears jealous and hits the kitten showing a great deal of defence to her brother however she apologises to Valerie in baby talk.

At night she is a cause of frustration to many of the older children because of her waking them up at night and the fact she has a really high pitched scream and cry, as well as being afraid of the Daleks Josefina is also scared by Giovanni, Herbert, Heinrich and the Serbian general Dragutin but also is scared of the Serbian generals in general but she is generaly curious around Emily, Hafez, Shavkat and many other animals who are part of the Junta's allies  but even though she is curious around Hafez, Shavkat, Ruhollah and others she is scared by many Asian dogs such as Bikram, Saddam, Saloth, Nuon, Ne and others. As well as being scared by most of the generals in the Junta she is terrified of Phil and at one point in her nightmare is heard screaming and crying so loud that everyone can hear her in the Bunker. Bernadette also says that "at least the Bunker is soundproof and underground".

Josefina and her brother also have a great tendency to also irritate other Junta children among them being Luiz and Carmen. She and Santiago's cries are also enough to attract attention particularly of fighters from the Liberators of Animalia and the Animalian Resistance Army. Alongside many young Junta children who see second mothers and fathers with older Junta children Josefina often sees Mirjana as a second mother to her but also sees Brainy as a second mother nonetheless she virtually sees anyone older than her especially the older Junta children namely Monica as second parents, not only is she a frustration to many older children at night but also when the children are flown home to Animalia whilst the Junta and their allies invade Animalia. She also has friendships with other young Junta children as well.