Josip is a Slovene fox involved with the Fox Junta. He is the son of the Slovene general Sergej and his wife Tanja.


He is often described as being like a vampire in a fox's body as he has red fur that according to Artashes is like blood. Alongside Miroslav Josip is the second most militarized as he wears grey trousers with a light brown T Shirt and an army jacket. On the fells in his dream mare he wears a navy blue fleece.


Now it could be argued that of all the children in the Junta Josip is the most distinguishable through his personality. Artashes describes him as being "very cold, calculating and dark." Nikolay says that "Foxes are cunning. But he puts them to shame" Josip also is the most dangerous because it's impossible to predict his actions and also he sympathizes with the Junta's enemy the Animalian Junta as he sympathizes with all the females in the Junta as well as the Daleks and though he sympathizes with males in the Junta he only likes Rhys, Greg, Stevie and Daniel and hates the rest of them. But all this aside he is very protective of the Serbian vixen Mirjana as Miroslav is very protective of the Russian vixen Natalya and though he is very cold he is sociable towards his allies.

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