Josip is an Animalian politician and former mobster currently serving under the Animalian Patriotic Front. He is also a pilot for the now defunct Yugoslav Alliance.


He is an anthropomorphic Istrian Coarse Haired Hound and like his secondary boss Anto is equally sophisticated more than other mobsters with one notable exception being the driver Dragoljub. In his case he wears the same jacket Anto wears in black-grey and black-grey trousers with no change in his government time.


Josip and Anto are shown to be very close to each other even participating in kidnapping Jovanka together, like others he carries out orders without question and is certainly not hesitant to use force, just as Enver is not unfamiliar with gambling he is not unfamiliar with restraint and torture enjoying seeing enemies as prisoners in particular female enemies. He is also a competent pilot being able to fly a fighter jet and a helicopter and is also a master of deception trying to pass himself off as a legitimate pilot of a staff plane and not the pilot of the fighter that shot it down.

Anto describes Josip as someone who is not called a pilot for nothing just as Dragoljub is not the driver for the Alliance for nothing and later the Animalian police moving those who were arrested by the Junta to the Animalian tribunal for trial. He is also perfect at handling aircraft weaponry which proves to be shown in the later stages of Operation Hood after the captain of Sperm Whale requires immediate aerial assistance when firepower and torpedoes are not enough to fight off the enemy. Eventually the radios and radar of the enemy are jammed by the destroyer Dolphin.

Radoslav says of him as someone who will take his orders straight from his allies and no one else and someone who is equally good at handling weaponry on land and in the air as well as someone who never rests. Josip is also someone who is interested by the Fireflash and sees its status of being a feared airliner as being undeserved and also sees the sabotage operations as justifiable, even if he is one of those who does not view the sabotage by the Serbian Airlines Espionage as being a success at first. Nonetheless he remains loyal to his leaders and allies to the end.

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