Julian is a Venezuelan fox involved with the Fox Junta and the leader of the Venezuelan faction of the Junta.


Alongside the Peruvian general Alberto he has blood red fur but unlike Alberto his fur has a gold tinge to it and he also has a gold underbelly. In his first appearance he is a normal fox but in his return in the Anthro Saga he wears a white shirt, a black tie, navy blue trousers and a navy blue jacket but like the other Venezuelan generals he wears 19th century style clothing in Argentina.


Julian is just as sophisticated as the other Venezuelan generals but on stage he is a very dramatic and operatic singer or so it is said. He can be eccentric at times however these episodes are very, very rare for him to have. He is rather nostalgic about the 19th century and also classical music mainly of it's architecture and after the dissolution of the Fox Junta he visits concert halls at times as does the Venezuelan general Guillermo with his wife Cilia and his son Hugo.

Like Guillermo's son Hugo his name is also pronounced two different ways, the English way and the Spanish name. When he speaks his normal Spanish Julian has no accent but in English he has a thick British dialect which makes him very suave and gentlemanly. In battle though Julian is a completely different fox as he is very unpredictable as well as extremely violent and brutal, he can also be very vigilant almost on the same level as the Estonian general Arnold however Arnold is often more opening at times. Julian's main Achilles heel is that he is very easily carried away at times but in battle once he gets focused on something it is virtually impossible to draw his attention away.

Julian is dramatic on stage but maybe he is a bit too dramatic as on stage he is a very loud singer which results in him scaring the Junta babies when he is on stage however he is actually good with young Junta children and the Junta babies as well. Much like the Bulgarian general Stanko Julian appreciates beauty but acknowledges that Cilia is Guillermo's wife as well as appreciating the innocence of babies. Though he scares the Junta babies though the only baby not afraid of him is Valerie.

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