Kate is a former Animalian politician and former member of the Animalian National Socialist Union.


She is an anthropomorphic Labrador Retriever and whilst Jodie is the leader of the Dominators in the Animalian Junta Kate is the leader of the "Union Dominators", she is well known in the Union and outside the Union as "The black dog" and "The leather dog" and for good reason as she wears a black leather corset, long black leather gloves, black leather trousers and black over the knee boots.


Compared to Serafina Kate is very impatient often asking one thing and if the task is not carried out immediately she asks again with more emphasis just like one of her enemies Abdullah in the Animalian Patriotic Front. She loves to be patronizing and does patronize enemies at times some of them being members of the Animalian resistance Nadezhda and Nina, as well as very patronizing she is also relatively seductive and because of her status as a dominator is a participant in the Animalian bondage shows which she loves primarily watching bound animals on stage struggle.  Some of these animals she also keeps for herself like plaything and slaves seeing animals doing the shows as her own personal playthings.

She often has allies who also don't participate in the bondage shows take part but this very rarely happens because she has high respect for members of the Junta and the A.N.S.U but also forces many Animalians to collaborate with the Junta through fear. It is also because of Kate that many of the A.M.S are put into slavery one of them being Galina who she treats as her own personal slave whilst having Tatyana and Gulnara humiliated, nonetheless she is relatively passive and accepts her arrest showing a little bit of redemption.

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