Kenan is an Animalian politician and former general currently serving under the Animalian Patriotic Front.


He was named after former Turkish military leader Kenan Evren


He is an anthropomorphic Akbash and because Turkey is in Europe it can be no surprise that he wears more Western clothing as he wears traditional Turkish army clothing. In his government time he wears a white shirt, a black jacket and back trousers alongside a black tie. As a guerrilla fighter he is the leader of nine other Turkish dogs which are Mustafa, Abdullah, Tahsin, Kemalaetin, Sabri, Namik, Recep, Ahmet and Kurtcebe.


Kenan is a very experienced leader but he is also a very serious one intolerant of cowardice believing any coward should be exiled, killed but either way purged also believing that any organization not just the Animalian Junta should organize a purge of cowards and sycophants so only those deemed "suitable" are left and will serve the organization through and through. However he understands that Ali is not a coward when he is startled by Santiago because it is the first time they meet, he also says "No one is not startled when you first meet some animals"

Even though he is a very serious character he is not as serious as Katie because whilst she is frustrated by Charlie's fun loving streak Kenan is not as frustrated. He has a very dry sense of humour but a relatively healthy one, though it is not common for him to be frustrated he is often frustrated with those who do not wear suitable clothing but like Jovanka he does not care about Nina, Asma, Mehriban, Yulia, Ruslana or Mikhaylyna because they are agents and they need to be slick, he also does not care about most Asian dogs either because they are of different religions so it is understandable they dress the way they do. His frustration comes in with the female Romanian dogs Maria and Ioana mostly Maria because of her personality, on their style of dress he also says the other Romanian dogs dress more formally than them however Ioana retaliates with "They're male. What would you expect?" Even though Kenan is not startled by the babies he does almost feel no sympathy for them at first but eventually watches Josefina and soon gets to like the babies. In his government time though Kenan does not see much change.

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