Khajidsurengiin is an Animalian politician and former soldier currently serving under the Animalian Patriotic Front.


She is an anthropomorphic Eastern European Shepherd which is understandable since she is Mongolian and Mongolia is near Russia but it is also near China which makes her clothing make her look Chinese as she wears Ancient Mongolian Martial arts clothing that is said to make her look Chinese. In her government time Khajidsurengiin may be Mongolian but she wears Islam style clothing. She also has a dragon tattoo on her right arm.


Since she is from Asia it can be no surprise that Khajidsurengiin or "Khajid" as she is often known is very skilled with a sword and because of her fighting style she has the nickname "The Butcher" because she always tries to butcher enemies with her sword. Much like anyone else in the A.P.F's allies Khajid is very unaccepting of defeat and extremely close to the other Mongolian dogs but she can also be very spiritual.

Not only is she close to the other Mongolian dogs Tsakhiagiin, Yumjaagiin and Jambyn but she is also very close to the Burmese dog Sandar and the Cambodian dog Ly frequently collaborating with them as Mara collaborates with Asma, Mehriban and Nina, she also calls the three dogs "Water agents" because she believes their bodysuits to be like rubber wetsuits. Unlike fellow Burmese dog Ne Khajid praises the West for Mulan but condemns it for Borat and some of their portrayal of Jews especially in The Eternal Jew and The Merchant of Venice, but Khajid is not only a critic of the West but much like the Bosnian Fox Junta general Dragutin she is a frequent critic of North Korea thanks to it's leaders and personality cult.

Though she is not as abusive as Sandar Khajid is just as abusive as her more verbally abusing Olivia and Rachel and tormenting them. Alongside most European dogs Khajid is also good with young Junta children particularly Isabella who is curious around her, Basilio and Guillermo who is also curious around her as are Bella, Antonio and Sebastiano. Santiago is curious to see Khajid but when he tries to stand up he falls back and starts crying, the same goes for Josefina. Much like Ly in her government time Khajid does not change.

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