Kira is a former Animalian guerrilla fighter and criminal and member of the Animalian military students.


She is an anthropomorphic Arctic Fox and though she was originally meant to be a member of the feared White Angels but instead the resistance use her as a criminal for hire as well as a soldier in the A.M.S's guerrilla army. She wears a black T-Shirt, black leggings, a black leather jacket and black boots unlike most white furred fighters who are part of the White Angels however she left.


Kira is just as good a fighter as she is a criminal; acrobatic, flexible, sly seductive, fun loving and adventurous are all words that describe her as a criminal but on the fighting side she takes few prisoners and takes war very, very seriously. Because she is partly from the West she is relatively friendly with Western allies be they Slavic or not, like many of her Islamic allies she is very self disciplined and adventurous in crime. Even though she is a common participant in parades she enjoys displays of power greatly probably because she either participates in them or is one who enjoys parades in general.

Though she is a criminal Kira seems to prefer clean crime like murder or theft than terrorism which brings great attention to herself as murder or theft leaves so many Animalians to be suspected but the reality is that she will take part in any form of crime either by herself or in a gang. Because of her nature she is fairly close to her de-facto leader Radmila or that's what's shown but unlike Radmila Kira is fairly accepting of arrest.

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