Krikor is an Armenian fox involved with the Fox Junta. He is the husband of Rita and the father of Artashes and is the Armenian faction's leader.


Just like the other generals and soldiers in the Junta he has plain coloured fur. What this means is that he has no patterns on his fur like the Belarusian vixen Galina or any stripes on his fur like the French vixen Marie. Krikor has red fur with a white underbelly and his fur matches the Armenian flag. In his first appearance he is a normal fox but in his return in the Anthro Saga he wears similar clothing to what Enver Pasha would wear which consists of grey trousers, a white shirt and a grey Marshall jacket.


Krikor comes off as being like an animal version of Lucius Malfoy and Victor Quartermaine but in actuality he is a good leader and he loves his wife and son. Despite Emily's bad history he also tries not to jump to conclusions as his wife and many members of the Junta do and he does strike a friendship with the Junta's new member Brainy Barker. Of the members of the Animalian Junta Krikor despises the Junta's leader Mechanikat and calls him "a pitiless conqueror exterminating all who comes up against him"

Despite his hatred of Mechanikat though Krikor is not only trusting of Emily eventually but he also grows to like many former members of the Junta such as Abigail, Louise, Daniel and other males and females in the former Animalian Junta. The ones he doesn't like include ones like Shere Khan, Prince John and Bernard or others. Despite the fact he is not a nationalist Krikor still supports the restrictions put on former members of the Junta. Towards his faction his left and right hand men Rupen and Serzh say that he does not only expect discipline but he demands it, according to Rupen Krikor is also someone who does not only demand discipline but also punctuality, some even say that he's famous for his punctuality so that if he doesn't turn up on time everyone will get worried.

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