Krypto the Superdog or just Krypto is the pet dog of Superman and is the main protagonist of the series Krypto the Superdog, a minor character in three stories of the Anthro Saga and the deuteragonist of Trial of the Saluki


He is a white Labrador retriever although his breed is not entirely known in the series or his original appearances. In his general appearances he is semi-anthropomorphic and he wears a red cape with a yellow collar like his girlfriend which has the superman logo on it but in the Anthro Saga Krypto is fully anthropomorphic and in the series both he and Brainy lose their capes and in Krypto's case he wears a black polo shirt and blue trousers and his collar becomes dog tags.

The Anthro Saga

Unlike other characters like Balto who are used more prominently, Krypto's only role in literature is the Anthro Saga alongside his girlfriend. Here, he is an ally of the Fox Junta and a close friend of Roberto.

Mechanikat:The Rise of Evil:

Like Brainy, Krypto only appears at the end of the story Mechanikat:The Rise of Evil due to the story being told from the perspective of Mechanikat. In this story he is charged by Roberto to protect Brainy Barker from the Animalian Junta after it comes to power which he eventually does and protects Brainy when henchmen arrive and arrest him.

Brainy tries to intervene but is shocked by a Cyberman and Krypto is deported to Argentina where he rejoins the Fox Junta but also their allies the Animalian Patriotic Front and the National Protection Process and is eventually reunited with Brainy and with her, Charlie Barkin and various others is involved with entertaining the opponents of the ruling Animalian Junta.

Fall of the Junta:

In Fall of the Junta set six years later, Krypto's role is not as large due to Brainy taking on a considerably larger role. In the story, he returns to Animalia with the Fox Junta and their allies during their invasion of Animalia but whilst Brainy is sent home Krypto stays with the Junta and participates in sheltering Brainy which ultimately fails as she is arrested.

Trial of the Saluki:

Krypto's role in Trial of the Saluki is considerably increased to the point where he is the deuteragonist. In the story he is involved in breaking Brainy out of prison which succeeds. However though she is released she now has, unknown to her, Zira on her tail as well as military police but nonetheless Brainy is sheltered again.

But a now vulnerable Brainy is captured and brought to Zira who plans to frame her once again but is foiled and she and Brainy are sent to the Animalian Tribunal. After Brainy is released Krypto and Brainy are recruited into the Junta.

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