Krystyna is an Animalian politician, former secret agent and police official and former soldier currently serving under the Animalian Patriotic Front.


She is an anthropomorphic Polish Hound which can be suitable as she is Polish and alongside fellow Polish dog Zofia and many other Slavic female dogs is part of the A.P.F's reconnaissance as well as the fact they are involved with all sorts of missions. In her soldier days she wears a black rubber bodysuit, black leather gloves and black boots like the other Ukrainian dogs except that their bodysuits are much tougher and like wetsuits. In Krystyna's government time she wears a white blouse, grey leggings and black slip on shoes. Krystyna speaks English, Russian, Polish, Hungarian, German, Bulgarian and Romanian.


Zofia is not a very weak character but Krystyna is much more stronger than her however she is relatively accepting the only times she accepts defeat is if the opposition outnumbers her, she is threatened or is forced to surrender, she also loves power which causes frustration with Zofia who is much more softer than she is but her frustration lies more with Ioana and Maria because they "do not wear suitable clothing" during their time in the military. She is also very judgemental being the first to attack the Polish fox Wojciech as she believes him to be the one who imposed martial law in Poland.

But despite her frustrations with Zofia she treats her like a sister and is also helpful to her as well lacing her into a corset as well as partially helping her dress into a maid in Argentina. Compared to her friend though Krystyna is very serious and has a relatively bad temper at times, much like many Asian dogs she is a frequent critic of the U.S mainly for it's culture at times but she still respects Vanessa, Natalie and Katie who are from the U.S. As well as these three dogs she is also close to other female dogs be they Asian, Slavic or not Slavic often collaborating with most female dogs on missions where she is proved to be very skilled in fighting and martial arts. But despite her violent nature she is good with young Junta children but like Zofia is very, very cautious around the Junta babies much to their dismay because they like to play with her tail but nonetheless Krystyna is good with them and often plays with them at times. Much like the Cambodian dog Ly she does not change in her government time but when she does change there is very little difference.

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