Laimdota is a Latvian vixen involved with the Fox Junta. She is the daughter of the Latvian general Valdis and his wife Dace.


She is arguably as some animals call her "the average vixen" as she has red fur with a white underbelly and alongside Zoia who she shares a friendship with as the pair are often seen together Laimdota is one of the most recognizable children of them all as she wears a white T-Shirt, blue jeggings, a black leather jacket, white socks and black  boots.


Laimdota's clothing choice partially fits her personality as she has a rebellious streak in her personality earning her nicknames like "Lone ķildīga sieviete" which means "The Lone Vixen" and "nemiernieku" meaning "The rebel" though these nicknames mainly apply to her clothing choice. Alongside a rebellious streak Laimdota also possesses a slight aggressive streak in her personality and though she is only playing she can be quite cruel and manipulative though her manipulative streak is so hidden it makes her as dangerous as Svetlana. She is often commonly compared to the Estonian vixen Maarja because of her personality.

She is also well known for her free spirited personality and a tomboyish streak and her aggressive nature is also shown when she sings, her tomboyish streak is shown because she also owns a switchblade and a pistol which are commonly used outside her time with the Junta. Laimdota is also well known in the Junta for her enjoyment of motorbikes often hanging around with a motorcycle gang but even so she is much more considerate than most gangs but it still pertains the fact she loves adventure yet her rule abiding nature leads to a rivalry between her and Gundega who collaborates with the Animalian Junta.

She also somewhat possesses a romantic streak alongside one of her friends Natalya as Laimdota has a relationship with another Junta member Alexander. But aside from her flaws Laimdota is shown to care for the younger Junta children and often acts like a second mother to younger children and is also shown to enjoy the arts as she participates in the Junta organized concert not once but twice. Once with Natalya and the other older Junta girls and again with Alexander and the younger Junta children.

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