Lana is a Croatian vixen involved with the Fox Junta. She is the daughter of the Croatian general Ante and his wife Tatjana.


She has the color and hair of her mother but the physical appearance of her father except like the other females in the Junta including her mother Lana has a more human like figure. She has long midnight blue hair with a green band often holding it back in a ponytail or a plait. Lana is also one of many older children to wear footwear as other children mainly Junta boys and some of the older girls, the younger children and the Junta babies go barefoot as she wears a white long sleeved T-Shirt, a brown belt, tight fitting leather trousrs and black boots but when she participates with Natalya in the concert organized by the Junta that is the only time she goes with bare feet.


Like many of the older Junta children Lana has a sense of right and wrong due to her age but like many older Junta children such as Natalya who she shares a friendship she has a rebellious and headstrong personality along with a tomboyish streak. She also acts like a motherly character and often acts like a second mother to many younger children in the Junta. She is also very active in the Junta's rallies and according to Enver's son Sokol "sure knows how to sing" involved in entertaining the Junta, the National Protection Process and the Animalian Patriotic Front alongside Natalya and Miroslav.

According to Artashes the son of Krikor and Rita Lana also "sure knows how to dance" as she is one of the older Junta girls who participates in the concert organized by the Junta. It is also said that she is nicknamed the She Wolf because of her beauty and cruelty and is arguably just as cruel as her father but much more crueler than her mother however she knows the bounds of what should be taken. Much like most older children she has quite a hot temper but she is also fiercely revolutionary and aggressive often strongly disapproving of the media and their portrayal of adolescents. Nonetheless she does have friendships with many other older children and is also good with young Junta children and the Junta babies even if she is frustrated by them at night.

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