Laura is a torturer involved at Trebdanek concentration camp and a former member of the Animalian Junta.


She is an anthropomorphic Jaguar and alongside Harriet, Kerryn, Sabrina as well as her own friend Daphne is what is often called a "clothing scavenger" which is the name given to these guards who scavenge clothing from other prisoners for clothing to wear off duty. In Laura's case her clothing consists of a white blouse, a dark green skirt, a dark green jacket and black boots which she also wears in prison. Off duty her clothing is the most recognizable as she wears a white T-Shirt, blue jeggings, black high heeled boots, black leather gloves and a black leather jacket which she stole from an agent of Animalian Intelligence.


Despite the fact Laura tends not to mix with Harriet, Kerryn and Sabrina she and Daphne do have a friendship with them and both participate in the kidnapping of two other prisoners where Harriet and Sabrina get their off duty clothing from though whilst Kerryn, Harriet and Sabrina are cruel to their prisoners Laura and Daphne are much more crueler as they do what Maria does to Dusty as she forces one of their prisoners water and has them tied by Harriet and Kerryn who are very good with knots and because the prisoners cannot get free one ends up soiling herself. She also stands out from the "clothing scavengers" because not only does she humiliate the victims of Harriet and Sabrina but she also often patronizes them and so does Kerryn.

When Laura and Daphne take their prisoners they attack from behind, order the prisoners to strip, steal their clothing, straitjacket them, fasten a collar round their neck given to them by Rachel and shock them, strap their legs together, unfasten the collars and gas them with sleeping gas.


After the fall of the Junta Laura rallies the other scavengers and tries to flee with them in a group of their own but Kerryn decides against the idea and makes them join Hannah's group which turns out to be a mistake as by the time Hannah prepares to leave the Animalian Patriotic Front are already at Trebdanek and ultimately Laura is arrested and sentenced to 10 years in prison but after five years she is released for good behavior alongside others released for good behavior which include the former First Lady Emily and other guards and torturers including Hannah, Abigail, Phoebe, Jane, Melanie, Nicola and Tara. Today Laura resides in Animalia.

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