Leonara is a guard at Majlinka transit camp and a former member of the Animalian Junta.


She is an anthropomorphic Leopard and is one of many leopards in the Junta counting Snow Leopards. Like many other females at Majlinka except members of the Animalian Union Leonara wears a white blouse, a blue knee length skirt, a blue jacket, standard colored tights and high heels the exceptions in the females who are at Majlinka who wear high heels being Hermione, Georgia and Chelsea.


Like many members of the Junta such as Stevie Leonara hates Mufasa as her leader and friend Tamara, the Animalian fascist leader Oswald, every single member in the Junta and the Junta's leader Mechanikat do and is particularly aggressive during the Night of the Thieves when she arrests Nala and also develops a hatred for her. She often likes to curl up on chairs during Junta sessions and often sits barefoot on chairs cross legged.

Like a lot of female Junta guards at Majlinka except Hermione, Georgia and Chelsea Leonara often likes to slip her shoes on and off and play with them with her feet. She also loves to feel powerful and likes to show her body off to prisoners but more often than not she shows her body off to the male members of the Junta.

Despite the fact she is very hateful to Animalians Leonara likes singing and dancing like another friend of hers Heather. Like most female members of the Animalian Patriotic Front she is remarkably acrobatic and skilled at gymnastics and martial arts. Also like a lot of female members in the Junta Leonara is also a keen dancer and a very energetic dancer but also a very firm dancer and outside dancing Leonara also does everything very firmly. She stands very firmly and marches very firmly with wide strides.


After the fall of the Junta Leonara is arrested by Kenan and sent to the Animalian Trubunal where she is found guilty of her role in the Night of the Thieves and the Night of the Scavengers and sentenced to six years in prison. Today she lives in Animalia.

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