Leopoldo is an Argentine fox involved with the Fox Junta. He is the husband of Cristina and the father of Basilio, Isabella and Guillermo


He was named after Leopoldo Galtieri


Though he matches the colour scheme of the leading foxes in the Junta (himself, Jorge, Roberto, Alfredo and Augusto) he is the only fox involved with Roberto who has no stripe on his head. He is also the only one not to be in love with Lady Blue although he does take an interest in her and has a friendly relationship with the vixen. In his first appearance he is a normal fox but in his return he wears a white shirt, a white suit jacket, a black tie and black trousers.


At first he appears to be militant, aggressive and arrogant however he is in reality a good hearted and deeply caring fox. However his arrogance does stay with him at times and often makes him headstrong, defiant and stubborn. He is also shown to be selfless having Ante stay by Cristina's side until she recovers from the injuries given to her by Steele mainly a head trauma whilst he fights Steele and Belladonna.

In the Anthro Saga he is shown to not only be close to Roberto and the other leaders but is also friends with the Uruguayan general Fructuoso whilst his son Guillermo is also friends with Josefina or Santiago and sometimes even both, you be the judge. As well as Fructuoso he is also friends with the other generals in the Fox Junta as well as the National Protection Process or rather it's members. Because he has children he is also much more responsible and fatherly, as well as this he is less arrogant and more serious but his militance and aggression stays with him in battle.

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