The Liberators of Animalia is a military/terrorist style organization and is one of the groups that makes up the Animalian resistance. It is also one of the three organizations in the group that is open to both men and women and is compromised of Sri Lankan Animalians both Tamil and Sinhalese.

Relations with other organizations

National Protection Process

The National Protection Process and the L.O.A have generally a close relationship and are said to have just a close a relationship as the L.O.A have to the N.P.P's allies. The L.O.A also saw the N.P.P as heroes when it kidnapped sixty two modest vixens, took them back to Argentina and turned them from modest vixens, and in the case of some secret agents, into soldiers and secret agents whilst most of the Anthro World was outraged.

Animalian Patriotic Front

Some of the relations between the L.O.A and the A.P.F are warm owing to the fact that the A.P.F has Indian membership and Sri Lanka being off the coast of India however these relations are complicated with the L.O.A fighters accusing Indian members of the peace keeping force initiated in Sri Lanka in 1987 during the Civil war in Sri Lanka.

Fox Junta

Relations with the L.O.A are just as close as other resistance groups even though the Junta is forced to flee from Animalia and it's leader Roberto advises the L.O.A leader Velupillai to flee as well. In heroes day speeches the L.O.A also wishes the Junta well during their time in Argentina.

Animalian resistance

Animalian military students

Relations with the Animalian military students are considered to be a lot better than the relations between the A.M.S and other Arab groups. It should also be noted that the leader of the women's wing of the L.O.A Chandrika and the leader of the A.M.S Tatyana eventually become close allies.

Road Rovers

Unlike the relations with the Animalian military students the relations between the L.O.A and the Road Rovers are distinguished by suspicion and distrust owing to the fact that Velupillai and Hunter are two very different leaders, Velupillai leading a highly disciplined army and having an iron grip on his forces and Hunter not having an iron grip instead being a more democratic leader. However as time progresses the relations greatly improve.

Animalian Mujahideen

Relations with the Mujahideen are very close and are said to be just as close to the Mujahideen as they are to the A.R.A due to the fact that both groups contain Arab fighters.

Animalian Resistance Army

Relations with the Animalian Resistance Army are equally close as the L.O.A's relations with other resistance groups, before the unification of all resistance groups into one highly disciplined army Shanmugam one of Velupillai's right hand men met with the A.R.A's military commander Ayub about unifying the armies into one single army. It was also Shanmugam and Thillaiyampalam who pressured Ayub into cutting aid off to old resistance groups.

Dictatorship and Persecution Resistance Army

Relations are generally considered to be close owing to the fact the D.A.P.R.A is also compromised of previous female fighters who fought in the A.R.A and many of it's members have been trained by A.R.A female fighters.

Animalian Junta

The L.O.A has seen itself and other armies fighting against the Junta as intervention for the people of Animalia and as such sees the Animalian Junta as one of it's greatest, if not it's greatest, adversary. It also describes itself as fighting on behalf of the people of Animalia.

Animalian National Socialist Union

The A.N.S.U and the L.O.A's relations are described as having one of the worst relations in the resistance. As is the case of the resistance most of the L.O.A's prisoners also come from female members of the A.N.S.U, however they are virtually on the same level as each other in cases of advanced weaponry, training, level of dedication for their goals and discipline.

Animalian Junta collaborators

The Liberators of Animalia and the collaborators are often described as having the worst relations in the resistance as the L.O.A has accused the collaborators of ill-treatment of their prisoners of war however the collaborators have accused the L.O.A of hypocrisy as they too treat their prisoners with no respect either, both sides have accused each other of attacks on civilians and other animal rights violations.

The Anthro Saga

Even before it merges into the resistance the L.O.A fights alongside the Animalian Resistance Army and the Mujahideen trying to keep the growing Animalian Junta away from gaining power in Animalia alongside the Fox Junta and the Animalian Patriotic Front, though Roberto advises the leader to leave the country Velupillai refuses and states that he and his comrades will fight to "the bitter end", immediately after the coup the L.O.A and other guerrilla groups immediately merge into one organization and carry out civil war on Animalia which leaves several parts of territory under it's control. Once in control the resistance begins expelling most of it's population using violence against those who refuse to leave. Meanwhile in Animalia controlled by the Junta the Junta, their collaborators and other allies also go on a rampage purging the army and destroying machines made or used by the army under Mufasa creating a graveyard of machines as both Vinayagomoorthy and Gopalaswamy discover and later in the dream world both dogs are discovered by Carmen in hospital.

The resistance launches the civil war after months of attacks and massacres by both sides which results in all women's factions of the resistance being captured and imprisoned, the Road Rovers which also includes males being imprisoned and the survivors being forced into a retreat. After the invasion of Animalia the resistance launch another coup backing the Fox Junta and the Animalian Patriotic Front with the National Protection Process against the Junta overthrowing the Junta and democracy being restored.


Though all organizations in the resistance are equally as militarized as each other the L.O.A is generally considered to be a lot more militarized and sophisticated in warfare but it is also considered the most feared, deadly and disciplined. This comes from the L.O.A's organization and disregard for enemy animal rights launching various massacres and are responsible with the rest of the resistance of expelling Romanians, Germans, Greeks, Latvians and a large amount of Turkish animals under it's control. It is also compared very commonly to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam by non members.


Males faction

Name Animal
Velupillai Leonberger
Shanmugalingam Anatolian Shepherd Dog
Selvarasa German Wirehaired Pointer
Shanmugam Ariege ppointer
Vinayagomoorthy Bakharwal Dog
Sathasivam Bavarian Mountain Dog
Gopalaswamy Beauceron
Suppiah Belgian Shepherd Dog (Malinois)
Vaithilingam Bernese Mountain Dog
Thillaiyampalam Bloodhound
Balasegaram Bohemian Shepherd
Velayuthapillai Bouvier des Flandres
Balasingham Brittany
Sivanadan Bouvier des Ardennes
Shanmuganathan Braque du Bourbonnais
Soosapillai Broholmer
Seevaratham Bulldog
Mithiran Burgos Pointer
Velayutham Cao de Castro Laboreiro
Ambalavahar Cao File de Sao Miguel
Kandiah Cesky Fousek
Perinpanayagam Cursina
Veerapathirar Dobermann
Thambirasa Dogue de Bordeaux
Yogaratnam English Mastiff
Rasajah English Setter
Subramaniam Estrela Mountain Dog
Marcelin Fila Brasileiro
Vallipuram Georgian Shepherd
Sathasivam Stichelhaar
Nadarasa German Shorthaired Pointer
Manikkapodi German Shepherd
Irasaiah Golden Retriever
Selvarathnam Gordon Setter
Ramalingam Great Pyrenees
Arumugam Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
Balasingam Griffon Bleu de Gascogne
Balasubramaniam Griffon Fauve de Bretagne
Chelvanayakam Griffon Nivernais
Gopinathan Hanover Hound
Jayaraj Huntaway
Kanagaratham Hovawart
Kanagasabal Irish Red and White Setter
Kumaraswamy Irish Wolfhound
Laxman Istrian Shorthaired Hound
Loganathan Landseer
Nadarajah Moscow Watchdog
Nadesan Newfoundland
Nagalingam Old Danish Pointer
Navaratham Pointer
Palanivel Polish Hunting Dog
Pathmanathan Pudelpointer
Ponnambalam Pyrenean Mastiff
Raghavan Rhodesian Mastiff
Rajaratham Rottweiler
Ramathanan Schweizererischer Niederlaufhund
Ranganathan Smaland Hound
Varatharajan Spanish Mastiff
Viswanathan Terceira Mastiff

Women's faction

Name Animal Status
Chandrika Landseer Captured
Sirimavo Kuvasz Captured
Violet Bucovina Shepherd Dog Captured
Sunethra Alaskan Malamute Captured
Renuka American Water Spaniel Fugitive then captured
Chandra Anglo Francais de Petit Venerie Captured
Srimani French Spaniel Captured
Shiranthi Siberian Husky Captured
Mathivathani Bucovina Shepherd Dog Fugitive then captured
Sumedha Bucovina Shepherd Dog Captured
Ferial Belgian Shepherd Dog (Groenendael) Captured
Nirupama Black and tan Coonhound Tortured
Pavithra Siberian Husky Tortured
Vimala Kuvasz Captured
Amantha Bluetick Coonhound Tortured
Sumedha Bluetick Coonhound Tortured
Naysum Alaskan Malamute Executed
Anoma Sibeian Husky Executed
Shiranee Border Collie Executed
Rohini Black and Tan Coonhound Tortured
Shirani Bucovina Shepherd Dog Captured
Yasodhara Leonberger Tortured
Duwaraka St. Bernard Captured
Amirtha Braque d'Auvergne Tortured
Amizhtha Braque Francais Tortured
Amutha Braque Saint-German Captured
Anyayarkanni Chesapeake Bay Retriever Captured
Bagyam Curly Coated Retriever Executed
Chellam Curly Coated Retriever Tortured
Dharuna Bucovina Shepherd Dog Tortured
Exhil Kuvasz Captured
Kanaiyazhi Kuvasz Captured
Kanmani Bucovina Shepherd Dog Captured
Karuna Siberian Husky Tortured
Karupamma Siberian Husky Tortured
Madhari Saluki Captured
Malarvizhi Dobermann Executed
Mathuram Rottweiler Tortured
Nila Dobermann Tortured
Nithura Tornjak Captured
Praveena Tornjak Executed
Ranjitham Bucovina Shepherd Dog Tortured
Sarasu American English Coonhound Executed
Shankari English Shepherd Executed
Shayana Blue Picardy Spaniel Captured
Sudanthira Blue Picardy Spaniel Surrendered
Sundari Askbash Tortured
Sutharshini Gascon Saintongeois Captured
Vennila Gascon Saintongeois Captured
Vinitha German Spaniel Tortured
Vani Alsatian Tortured