Lilly is the tritagonist of Alpha and Omega and is Kate's sister.


She is a slender wolf who has average length hair like Kate. In the beginning of the movie, she let her forelock hang over her left eye, but she swept it back in the end. Her face, mane, tail, paws, stomach, and the inside of her ears are pure white and her back, shoulders, eyebrows, and the outside of her ears are a very light pale grey. She also has beautiful violet eyes. In her first appearance she is a normal wolf but in her return in the Anthro Saga she wears a white T-Shirt and black knee length leggings. Nonetheless she still goes barefoot.

The Anthro Saga

Lilly continues her role as the sister of Kate and the daughter of Winston and Eve but she still lives partially with Garth. Due to her family's involvement in Nava's government her family is purged under the Junta. She is sent to Brazil with her parents, her sister is arrested by the Junta as is Garth but she manages to get the three cubs Kate leaves to safety however their father is not so lucky as he is exterminated.

Her political involvement also puts her at risk in exile, in Brazil she is the victim of two assassination attempts one of which kills her mother and the other kills her father but she survives both however she is kidnapped and the pups taken from her however in the invasion of Brazil by the Animalian Patriotic Front she is brought to Argentina by the A.P.F and the pups are re-united with her but they also befriend many younger Junta children primarily Guillermo and the Junta babies Josefina and Santiago who Runt especially befriends, both of them.

Lilly feels more self assured when she learns she is under the protection of the Fox Junta and their allies however she hates herself for not doing enough during the dictatorship when the Junta came to power, eventually she is returned to Animalia by the Junta and she continues to live in Animalia whilst the pups she sheltered go back to her sister.

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