Lily is a former Animalian politician and former member of the Animalian National Socialist Union.


She is an anthropomorphic Alaskan Husky and is the only member to be of an American breed and the only one to go barefoot, she is also considered the most practical dresses in the A.N.S.U. She wears a white blouse, a navy blue skirt and black tights.


Lily first comes off as being the most active or one of the most active members of the A.N.S.U but she gradually deteriorates to become one of the Junta's most sympathetic allies. But before this she enjoyed punishing enemies at one point but when she becomes more sympathetic is not entirely known, unlike most members of the Junta and their allies she has an equal view on Animalia nonetheless she enjoys the high standard of living she lives when she serves under the Junta.

But she also becomes more withdrawn as well as more sympathetic. Though she enjoys the high standard of living for the Junta and their allies Lily is nowhere near as aristocratic as Helena and is relatively more shy than most allies, though she sees herself not as a punisher she makes sure that the only animals she doesn't see herself not punish is Mufasa's former family making sure they certainly suffer. To Simba she certainly shows no sympathy nor Nala or Kiara dealing with these three herself whilst sending other members of Mufasa's family and associates into exile or having them executed but in the end she accepts her arrest and moral responsibility for her actions.

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