Ljube is a Macedonian fox involved with the Fox Junta and is the leader of the Macedonian faction.


He has yellow fur with a red face which is shown to be quite contradictory to the character he is as most generals who have red faces are shown to be a lot more violent and aggressive, he also has red patches and markings on his fur and around his eyes and mouth. In his first appearance he is a normal fox but in his return in the Anthro Saga he wears light brown trousers, a white shirt, a brown tie and a white coloured jacket.


Ljube is shown to be a lot more self assured than Lazar but sometimes the roles are switched and he can get jumpy at times, this is particularly shown during Operation Vixen when Maja who has been flying with Elena and Svetlana does not return to their base as Ljube and Lazar fear that she has been captured. Though despite this jumpy nature he is seen as a lot more patient than his Montenegrin counterpart Veselin and has a much better temper though he still expects discipline as much as the other generals do.

His troops, like many others, tend to take very few prisoners as those who end up in his soldier's captivity end up either nearly dead or actually dead, his troops are also known to use any method of torture except ones that are too savage hence why he prefers to use modern acts of torture. Ljube is described as someone both with a military and secretive mind known to treat his soldiers like they are very important (not that any other generals do not respect their troops) as he allows Gjorge to transport them in a truck but also putting the truck under escort. Like other generals he is capable with coming up with sophisticated plans however unlike most generals his plans are actually noted to work because he is often well known to plan beforehand having sessions with his generals and soldiers at the end of a meeting with other generals.

Ljube like others is shown to have as much faith in Roberto as others saying he would trust Roberto with his life, at the end of the Junta years he expresses disappointment because he enjoyed his time in the Fox Junta and relief because he can finally have a long rest, a very long rest. But aside from this he remains pleased with his allies to the bitter end; after the Junta is dissolved and everyone splits up Ljube takes one last look at the bunker and looks at it for a long time before leaving.

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