Lorenzo is a Nicaraguan fox involved with the Fox Junta. He is the son of the Nicaraguan general Anastasio and his wife Rosario.


He is often described as being much like other central american foxes mainly Maximiliano and Florencio who he is also friends with as he has dark blue fur with a white underbelly and muzzle. Lorenzo also stands out because his clothing matches his fur colour as he wears a white T-Shirt, a blue fleece top and navy blue trousers.


Lorenzo enjoys being in the Fox Junta because of what the Junta does but at the same time he hates being in the Junta because he has a belief it will make him arrogant, nonetheless he treats others with respect. Even the Junta's former enemies but will not treat bullies with respect. Unlike the Venezuelan fox Hugo who comes from a sophisticated background but isn't sophisticated Lorenzo is sophisticated but he isn't too sophisticated.

In particular he treats females with respect even though most of the Junta boys such as Miroslav and Filip are protective of, in Miroslav's case Natalya and in Filip's case Mirjana, girls they are in a relationship with he still respects girls in the Junta and not in the Junta. He can be accepting unless someone jumps down his throat and bullies him and/or his friends and as a result will treat other how others treat his friends.

Lorenzo is not only close to Florencio and Maximiliano but is also close to the Ecaudorian fox Jeronimo (Vincente's son not the general) and the Chilean fox Marco but also treats the other older boys with respect as well. Though he enjoys the Junta babies he also sees them as symbols saying "that's how we all started"

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