Louise is a torturer at Majlinka transit camp and a former member of the Animalian Junta.


She is an anthropomorphic Jaguar and is one of many Jaguars involved with the Junta yet is one of few who shares a friendship with other Jaguars. Louise also follows the clothing choice for Majlinka as she wears a white blouse, a blue knee length skirt, a blue jacket, standard colored tights and high heels.


Whilst Justine is more arrogant, headstrong and devil may care Louise is more rule abiding and whilst her friend is a show off Louise tends to be more distant from prisoners but like Samantha and Niamh she is very easily misled by her friend. Like Abigail at Trebdanek Louise is also much more sympathetic and during her Junta time she keeps a female Australian Shepherd puppy for herself and becomes a second mother to it.

But Louise is not without regard for Animalia which pleases a soldier frustrated by her which is Bernard but her personality also annoys her friend Justine but the cheetah treats her like a sister. Louise is also very respectful particularly towards Shavkat who arrests her and also on trial. Not only does Louise also have a friendship with Justine but she also has a friendship with Tamara and it is this which makes her defend the Leopard in prison. Her personality often makes her the threats of bullying especially by Bernard and other females in the Junta.


After the Junta falls Justine tries to persuade Louise to flee with her and though the Jaguar doesn't commit suicide she says she isn't going anywhere and though Justine easily manipulated her before the Jaguar's decision is inevitable and both are arrested by Shavkat and Panteleimon. At her trial Louise is sentenced to life in prison but released the same time as Abigail for good behaviour. Today she lives in Animalia.

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