Luis is a torturer involved with the Animalian Junta and is one of few senior officers to be a torturer.


He was named after Luis Garcia Meza


He is an anthropomorphic Jackal wearing Bolivian general clothing like what Luis Garcia Meza would wear. He wears a white shirt, a grey jacket, grey trousers and a black tie. Luis speaks English and Spanish.


Though Alphonse is a brutal character Luis takes all the oppressive dictators and blends them into the harshest leader you've ever seen. Because he is a highly experienced character Luis is stationed at three places. He spends two weeks at the Ashtiago prison governed by Willem, three months at Majlinka and the rest of the dictatorship at Trebdanek. Luis is also a rare Junta member as he is a general but is also involved in torture and when it comes to torture Luis' torture is arguably part of the most painful and the most bizarre as he alongside other Junta members is involved in plant torture in which prisoners are beaten with sharp branches and sticks, brambles, thorns and nettles. He is always shown carrying a "nettle stick" which is a very thick stick with nettles on the end. When Luis uses it he often hits prisoners with it or brushes prisoner's arms with it.

Luis is also shown to have close ties with Alphonse and Antoine and at the end of the dictatorship flees with their group in which he is the Metro driver and is also a very reckless driver stopping for no stops until Alphonse tells him to.


After the dictatorship Luis flees Animalia. Today he lives in Bolivia. Despite being responsible for torture at three places no effort has been made to extradite Luis or any other guards involved with Alphonse.

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