Luiz is a Brazilian fox involved with the Fox Junta. He is the son of the Brazilian general Humberto and his wife Dilma and the brother of Dulce.


He was named after former Brazilian president Luiz Inacio da Silva


He may be South American but Luiz's fur colour is like many Central American children as he has navy coloured fur with a white-grey underbelly which others often say makes him look older than he actually is and "a child in a pensioner's body" but his clothing begs to differ as he wears grey trousers, a black T-shirt and a blue fleece top.


Luiz may be Brazilian but he has a distinctive and very thin English accent even though he does not come from a sophisticated background like Hugo or Alexander do. His accent is also so thin that no one tries to mimic it, much like Samantha in the Animalian Junta and Arnold in his own Junta (the Fox Junta) Luiz is a good voice actor mainly doing mocking voices. Though he loves his sister and is loved by his parents Luiz does care for them but he also cares for his friends as shown during Siad's trial.

During the trial the older boys all sit together, the older girls all sit together, the generals all sit together (eventually. Previously the European generals and members of the A.P.F sat on the left whilst Latin American generals in the Fox Junta and members of the N.P.P and Asian members of the A.P.F sat on the right and vixens are grouped together often with children if they had young children mainly in the case of Lucia with Josefina who sits on her knee and Santiago who sits with Nadine, Cristina with Guillermo and his siblings, Maria with Bella and her siblings, Sofia with Carmen and Svetlana with Bogdana, whilst chosen generals would ask the court to rise then sit mainly serving as guards. Vixens who sat with children would usually sit with them but if they had very young children they would often be sat on their mother's knee.

Just as Florencio is close to Maximiliano and Miroslav is close to Alexander Luiz is shown to be particularly close to the Peruvian fox Vladimiro but he says that their relation is not too close that everyone else is not a friend to him as he respects the other Junta children as well as the Junta's allies. He's respectable but he has a very dry sense of humour and can be very cynical, as well as extremely judgemental mainly with Ne , Saloth, and many other Asian dogs but soon gets to like them.

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