Ly is an Animalian politician and former soldier currently serving under the Animalian Patriotic Front.


She is an anthropomorphic Bucovina Shepherd Dog despite the fact she is Cambodian and her breed originates from Romania. In her soldier days she wears traditional Ancient Chinese warrior style clothing without any armour which is mainly uniform worn in kung-fu as do many other animals who wear Ancient Chinese style clothing. In her government time she wears traditional Buddhist style clothing and light blue baggy trousers like jogging bottoms.


Ly is shown to be very skilled in martial arts which often makes most members of the A.P.F including Nuon to call her a Ninja and though Lyudmila wears armour Ly considers armour to be cumbersome especially when it is in the form of steel but respects Astrid and Beatrix who do wear armour, much like Mehriban with Ilham, Semiramis with Ramiz and Asma with Hafez Ly is shown to be very close to Nuon who is also very protective of her.

Whilst Saloth is reviled with most animals who most likely have never met him Ly reveres him often calling him "a guardian and a savior" seeing him as the Oskar Schindler of her country who sheltered Ly and her friends from the Santebal and kept the Khmer Rouge at bay. She also refers him as "The dog of legend" which is often a nickname given to many other dogs in the organization more commonly the ones who have been reviled as savages such as Saloth, Saddam, Babrak, Mashiur, Yahya and Bikram. Her revering of the dogs shows a very fierce to violent streak as she enjoys war music but also enjoys religious music showing a more peaceful streak in her personality. Though she reveres allies she reviles most enemies particularly the utter barbaric ones.

Because she dresses in martial arts style clothing it can be no surprise that Ly is very skilled with a samurai sword and it is also no surprise that she is very skilled in torture since she is from a dictatorship but despite this she is just as abusive as Ayesha (more verbally than physically). To enemies she is extremely defiant which even appears to allies thanks to experiences with the Vietnamese when she was captured as a prisoner of war during their invasion of Cambodia in 1979 as she is very wary of a Vietnamese jackal called Ngo as well as the Lao jackal Choummaly.  Despite her aggression though Ly is very good with young Junta children and also with the Junta babies and unlike most members in the A.P.F does not change in her government time one bit.

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