Lydia is a former Animalian revolutionary and member of the Animalian military students.


She is an anthropomorphic Red Wolf who is the leader of the dissidents and the revolutionaries and though her body is feminine she appears muscular as she wears a dark blue bodysuit with light blue plating, light blue gloves, light blue knee length boots and a red belt across her waist with the letters "A.M.S" written on it in gold lettering, in short she looks like one of the Road Rovers.


Lydia does speak English and Russian but she speaks both languages with a distinctive accent, her accent in English is typically more snobbish but at times she has no accent. Her Russian accent is often thin or thick with most of the time it being thick to allies but being thin when she wants to seduce enemies which is very rare. She also really lives up to the leader of dissidents and revolutionaries  and loves power and adventure as much as the other A.M.S members.

She also stands out as she is one of few who views her leader Tatyana as a saviour and also enjoys the street life more than Tanya or her ally Dabroniega do, and it is said that she lives a rough life when Tatyana found her and was also well known for her radio broadcasts encouraging later members of the A.M.S to join the fight against Mechanikat by joining the A.M.S however the station was closed down and she was arrested but it's thanks to Lydia that even more members of the A.M.S had joined the fight against the Junta. She appreciates the child portraits but has them hung up elsewhere mainly of young children and portraits of the Junta babies Josefina and Santiago but has all the children's portraits hung up elsewhere in the System. This means hanging the older children in the Junta such as Laimdota or Maarja and the Hood sisters in one room and the young Junta children and babies including Valerie elsewhere. When it comes to defeat she is just as un-accepting of defeat as many others.


As the leader of two factions being dissidents and revolutionaries Lydia is put under a lot of responsibility especially during the last fight when she leads both factions into battle which leads to her arrest and imprisonment until the end of the dictatorship when she is released and rehabilitated by the government and rewarded by Roberto and the Fox Junta for her efforts against Mechanikat.

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