Lyudmila is an Animalian politician, former secret agent and former soldier currently serving under the Animalian Patriotic Front.


She is an anthropomorphic Bulgarian Hound who is part of the so called "Armoured dogs" which consists of herself, Magda and Khajidsurengiin, though they all do not work together most of the dogs collaborate with each other especially in the case of Sandar, Khajidsurengiin and Ly as well as Asma, Mehriban, Nina and fellow Bulgarian dog Mara. In Lyudmila's soldier days she wears a mail suit, a brown belt across her waist and black boots which Lady Blue says makes her looks like a Silurian. In her government time she wears a light blue blouse, a dark blue skirt, standard coloured tights, black leather gloves and high heels.


Just like Mara Lyudmila is well known for her extreme strong will and extreme xenophobia often viewing Siad and most members of the Junta as primitives as well as the belief that Animalia is "our beloved country". Because she has served with the CSS it can be no surprise that Lyudmila is very skilled in torture using many methods adapted through communist regimes including beating Siad with a pipe and beating the former torturers Olivia and Rachel with whips, burning Siad with a red hot iron pipe and other torture methods used by either communist regimes in the Eastern Bloc, military juntas or some methods used today.

She is also very sadistic enjoying the torment that Olivia and Rachel go through and as shown at times she is a very firm character which means she does everything very firmly. One of the frightening characteristics of Lyudmila is that she is also hungry for war having extreme aggression and also a taste for bloodshed from her enemies in battle, nonetheless Lyudmila like a lot of others puts the past behind her and accepts her former enemies into Animalia. Much like Saloth and Bikram Lyudmila is the subject of Asian legend even though she is Bulgarian. She is also the only Bulgarian dog who scares young children as she particularly scares Isabella and her brother Guillermo.

Many of her enemies also call her "the vilest dog in the vilest organization every known" but not only does she scare Isabella and Guillermo who eventually runs to his mother crying but she also scares the Junta babies however in time they not only get to like her but the other dogs that scare them such as Saloth, Saddam and others. During her government time though Lyudmila has very little change.

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