Maarja is an Estonian vixen involved with the Fox Junta. She is the daughter of the Estonian general Arnold and his wife Evelin.


Whilst Artashes is the darkest child by clothing she is considered the darkest by fur color as she has black-blue fur with a white underbelly and alongside her friend Mirjana ahe is one of two vixens who copy the clothing choice of most female members from an opponent of the Junta as the clothing she wears is also the clothing choice worn by female guards at Majlinka transit camp. Maarja's clothing choice consists of a white blouse, a blue knee length skirt, a blue jacket, a black, white and red striped scarf, black leather gloves at times, standard colored tights and high heels.


Just like Heather and other female members of the Animalian Junta Maarja also enjoys singing and dancing but though she enjoys participating in My Strongest Suit she wishes to do more and during another piece she is very energetic. Like Carmen Maarja often likes to slip her shoes on and off and play with them with her feet though Carmen doesn't do this often the Spanish vixen still often does it.

Like the Austrian vixen Herta she is also a very firm character which means she does everything very firmly. She stands very firmly and during another piece she dances very firmly and she is completely unsympathetic to any enemies of the Junta but eventually her view on them changes. Alongside her fierce nature she is also very rebellious but at the same time she is also very passive and shows very little emotion. Even before her execution in her nightmare.

However she does have a soft, sympathetic side to her and is arguably just as soft as her friend Mirjana, also she has a good relation with her parents but is sickened to discover that during one dream-mare she has to fight her own father who is normally just as protective of her as her mother. Her sympathetic side also leaves her at risk of bullying as much as Mirjana even at one point being framed for a terrorist attack with Evelin.

Despite the fact Maarja is not as aggressive as a friend of her's Laimdota she loves the thrill and adventure in being in the Fox Junta. She also is very skilled at martial arts and during a fight between the older Junta children and the Autons which the participants of the dream have she performs karate on an Auton before throwing it over a wall. To her enemies she is often called a psychopath because one of the characteristics about Maarja is that she often doesn't sit back and relax. She does sometimes but it's very rare that she does. But behind her nature she does have friendships with other Junta children and also has a romantic relationship with Artashes as Alexander does with Laimdota, Miroslav does with Natalya and Nikolay has with Hanna. She is also very compassionate and is good with young Junta children.

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