Maid Marian, or just Marian, is a character from the 1973 film Robin Hood and is the love interest of the titular character.

In literature, she is the secondary antagonist of the last three stories in the Journey of the Vixen series, replacing Sophia who dies at the end of All Animals are Equal. These stories are Mirage of Arabia, Search for the Sword and Duel of the Vixens and in these stories becomes the new rival of Lady Blue

After her villain time, she becomes the titular protagonist of The Curse of Maid Marian. While Marian is Robin's love interest in Robin Hood, they are married in the Anthro Saga and The Curse of Maid Marian.


Twisted princess maid marian by jeftoon01-d4m2l53

A rough physical representation of Marian after she is attacked by Prince John in The Curse of Maid Marian. Credit to jeftoon01 on deviantART.

Maid Marian is an anthropomorphic red vixen with a white muzzle, a black nose and brown eyes. She wears a pink veil and a lavender dress even during her time in the government as the home secretary of Animalia in the Anthro Saga;

At the state funeral for many famous Animalians such as Bagheera, Fox and her husband she instead wears a black shawl around her shoulders and her head. Like her husband, Marian is shown in a much healthier light in her literature appearances time and wears the dress she wears in Robin Hood even as a villain.

During her villain time, the veil that Marian wears on her head is now worn like a headscarf and whilst her dress is immaculate in her first appearance as a villain it slowly degenerates because of her fights with Lady Blue the first degeneration of her dress is evident when it becomes peppered with holes in Mirage of Arabia after an attack by gnats though this is shown a lot more in Search for the Sword. Her dress also became further disheveled after an attack by Prince John and his men in The Curse of Maid Marian as shown in the image.

As she prepares to kill Prince John however, Marian converts herself into a cyborg almost: Black armour plating covers her legs, a chest plate covers her chest, and her dress is also a lot more disheveled and ripped. In the place of the long flowing skirt she normally wears is a silver faulds, a type of armored skirt. Marian also wears a black cape with a hood; around her waist is a brown belt to hold her sword and a sheath for a dagger.

Arrows are slung over her back with the bow leaving the only things exposed for Marian being her hands, feet and her face. During her battle with Prince John however, the only thing that remains are her leg armor, her faulds and her arms armor because the prince forced her chest plate off.


Mirage of Arabia:

Maid Marian may be a hero in Robin Hood and The Curse of Maid Marian but the story Mirage of Arabia marks the beginning of her time being used as a villain as she is the replacement for Sophia who has died at the end of All Animals are Equal at the hands of Lady Blue. She also becomes Lady Blue's rival in the series finale Duel of the Vixens. These three stories however are the only time when she is a villain; it should also be noted that while both Lady Blue and Maid Marian appear together in the penultimate story Search for the Sword, they never interact with each other due to story reasons. The former appears at the beginning of Search for the Sword and the latter appears at the very end of it.

She is first seen in the city of Baghdad with another band of weasels who are saluting the former flag of Iraq and are presumed to be supporters of Saddam Hussein and the former Ba'ath party; the first time Marian is seen she is saluting a Ba'athist Iraqi flag singing Ardulfurataini Watan until she is called away by another weasel.

Maid Marian is brought to an Iraqi mosque where she is met by the black cat who tries to persuade her to join her to avenge the death of Sophia and help her gain the last three components of the Doomsday Weapon now that Sophia is dead. At first, Marian is not convinced because the cat has not explained anything about the blue vixen or what she has done until the cat explains about the blue vixen in vivid detail impressing Marian despite the fact that the blue vixen and the black cat have never interacted with each other and accounts of Lady Blue are circumstantial at best.

Fortunately, the black cat does not give too detailed a description of Lady Blue and why Marian should help avenge Sophia's death and Marian agrees to help the cat in an attempt to succeed where possibly Sophia had failed. Once she is told everything, Marian travels to Yemen to the Great Mosque of Sana'a and unknown to either Lady Blue or anyone who is present has heard everything about the fifth component of the doomsday weapon and so joins a race to reach the fifth component first alongside Lady Blue and the same band of weasels that she was previously with in Baghdad.

As part of the race for the fifth component, Marian and the weasels flee from Baghdad to the city of Aden where she is unknowingly pursued by Lady Blue who follows the weasels to an Aden house. Whilst the blue vixen watches, Marian and the weasels assault the house's sole occupant; another blue vixen that looks remarkably similar to Lady Blue's daughter much to her outrage because there is nothing she can do about it.

Marian has the vixen put in chains and has the weasels ransack the house blowing Lady Blue's cover. Her cover blown, the weasels open fire on the blue vixen but unlike in Oxfordshire when Clayton and the hunters invaded where she was forced to take it lying down Lady Blue fights back killing three weasels. As the weasels try to flee, Marian also tries to flee but is tackled by the blue vixen who rips her veil off believing the vixen to be Sophia and is shocked to find Marian under the veil.

Her own cover blown, Marian springs back to life and attacks Lady Blue trying to strangle her and leaving her for dead as she fires a flare gun into the house setting it on fire. As the house goes up in smoke, Marian flees with the other weasels leaving the blue vixen to die as the house burns around her.

Unknown to Marian however, Lady Blue has managed to escape from the burning house and pursues her and the weasels out of Aden onto the sea. When she sees the blue vixen on another speedboat Marian asks herself how she escaped to which the prisoner bitterly replies "It was the will of Allah!" but Marian hits her across the face ordering her to be quiet. As the blue vixen gets closer Marian takes a carbine off one of the weasels and opens fire on Lady Blue spurring the blue vixen into defending herself as she too opens fire on Maid Marian.

The blue vixen later throws herself onto Marian's boat and the vixens fight eventually causing Marian to throw the driver overboard and take over the controls whilst also putting Lady Blue out of action. But the blue vixen recovers and tries to free the prisoner who reminds her of her daughter causing Marian to retaliate but she is tripped by the prisoner; with Marian tripped up Lady Blue takes over the controls but once she follows the weasels to another country the blue vixen shoots the controls out setting the boat on fire and the vixens flee for their life with Lady Blue saving the prisoner.

But as Marian tries to kill Lady Blue she also tries to kill the prisoner showing that if she can't have the prisoner to help her on the quest, no one can. She however comes under attack from the blue vixen who keeps pulling and pushing her under water and whilst the prisoner cannot use her hands she can use her legs but these soon give way. On the surface meanwhile, Marian appears to drown when Lady Blue forces her to the bottom of the sea and swims back up to help the prisoner by dragging her to dry land.

But Marian survives her ordeal with Lady Blue as she emerges from the coast of Bandar Abbas in Iran and searches for the other weasels who seem to follow instructions given to them by radio when they fled from Yemen; the destination is a safe house containing Iranian stoats and whilst the stoats are not convinced by the weasels they are convinced by Maid Marian who gets them on the quest for Aaron's Rod. Whilst she is reluctant to hand over a picture of the rod, she certainly jumps at the chance to show a picture of Lady Blue to the stoat leader.

Marian also tells a huge cock and bull story about the blue vixen getting the stoats and the weasels together again; the deed done, she abandons them both and goes to search for Maya Ali confronting her and Lady Blue at the hospital. She is delighted when she seems to receive Aaron's rod after the blue vixen seemingly gives it to her and pushes her out of the doorway to escape with Maya; with the vixens gone, Marian tests the rod but nothing happens: The staff is a fake causing Marian to chase the vixens who have escaped out of the hospital which results in Maya getting her own back on the vixen and punching her in the face leaving her with a bloody mouth. Marian is last seen in the city of Bandar Abbas seemingly stranded.

Or so it seems when Lady Blue and Maya Ali are confronted by weasels in Iraq at the now disused Abu Ghraib prison; here she also gets into a heated argument with Lady Blue and Maya Ali which also seems to strengthen their relationship because when Maya Ali is beaten by one of the Iranian stoats, the blue vixen stands up for her; likewise, when Lady Blue is put in handcuffs by the stoats Maya stands up for her and continues to do so when it seems that Marian exhausts the fury and outrage the blue vixen once possessed. Her own energy exhausted, Marian has the two vixens imprisoned.

Marian is later seen with the weasels and their allies who open fire on Lady Blue and Maya Ali when they escape from prison; only she sees Aaron's rod in Lady Blue's hand and chases the vixens for it putting herself in danger. Eventually as Marian catches up with the vixens, Maya Ali continues to run away but Lady Blue stands up to Marian bombarding her with gnats: The third plague in the ten plagues of Egypt to serve as a distraction whilst the vixens flee to a new location.

Whilst the vixens flee, Marian is trapped in Baghdad still under attack from the gnats until the arrival of the black cat kills the gnats. When the black cat appears, the cat is furious about the fact that she has supposed to have hired the second best agent after Sophia and has not succeeded; Marian tries to use the fact that she captured Lady Blue and Maya Ali as a defense but the cat instantly refutes it.

The cat however decides to give Marian three chances: One to find Aaron's rod, the second to find the fifth component of the weapon and the third for the final component then casts a spell on her sending her back to the weasels, stoats and ferrets. The cat's face then appears from the sky and sends Marian to the same location that the blue vixen is: Syria. Here, Marian tries to negotiate with more terrorists now in the form of minks hoping she can persuade more allies for the weasels.

She follows the minks to a safe house where she enters a stealth mode trying to enter the house. Once inside she plays a game of hide and seek with one of the minks and when she comes back to life scares him; a frightened mink points his gun at her and she says surprisingly composed: "Take me to your leader."

The mink brings Marian to other furious minks who prepare to kill her but asks for one last chance then once she gets it manages to negotiate an alliance with the weasels who are searching for Aaron's rod; Marian also tells the same cock and bull story about Lady Blue that she told the weasels but also includes Maya Ali into the story and changing details drastically. For example: Maya Ali was once a very close friend of Maid Marian but was kidnapped by the blue vixen.

A done deal, Marian informs the black cat who sends the weasels and their allies to the safe house who now plan to carry out their planned offensive; unaware they have actually been overheard by a mole in the armed forces presumably with the air force. This mole then informs the army who fear that if Lady Blue and Maya Ali are to escape alive then they will have to act fast.

Marian enters the city of Damascus after the minks bombard it with rocket attacks hoping to hunt down Lady Blue; but the latter has been using the army as cover and the vixen chases Marian through the streets of Damascus with Maya Ali only to lose her when the former vanishes to a new location: Saudi Arabia.

She is eventually found incognito in the Grand Mosque of Mecca giving orders to otters and the other allies of the weasels to open fire on pilgrims who are praying at the mosque. Whilst the shooting kills fifty Muslims, Lady Blue interferes making Marian come under fire; her cover blown Marian flees with the otters, weasels and their allies to the harbor of Mecca where she just and so manages to get on board unlike some of the other allies of the weasels.

Marian also believes that the weasels have stolen enough boats to strand Lady Blue and Maya Ali in Mecca and so believes herself victorious. However as she looks through a pair of binoculars she sees the figure of Lady Blue on the bow of a speedboat that she and Maya stole; a furious Marian then steals a weasel's weapon, throws him overboard and opens fire on the vixens. But this spurs Lady Blue into defending both herself and Maya Ali who is driving the boat because it is difficult for the former to drive the boat and shoot at the same time and the blue vixen returns fire.

Under attack, Marian calls in reinforcements and the other weasels, stoats, otters, minks and ferrets attack Lady Blue causing a distraction and putting the blue vixen out of action under Maya Ali's advice because she cannot fight off tonnes of weasels and allies on her own. Whilst Marian leaves the vixens for the weasels and their allies she believes to have escaped but sees Lady Blue alive and tries desperately to get to civilization first; something which surprisingly Lady Blue allows because she believes that with Aaron's rod in the hands of her and Maya they will get to the fifth component first. Or will they?

The blue vixen's beliefs that she and Maya Ali will reach the component turn out to be lies as it is revealed that it was Marian who had got to the fifth component first as she had been hiding in the Valley of the Kings all along waiting for the vixens to come to the necropolis. Her appearance also causes Maya to turn on Lady Blue when she calls the blue vixen a liar and sensing her chance to turn Maya against the vixen, Marian tries to turn Maya against Lady Blue even more which fails.

At first, Lady Blue demands an explanation as to how she got there first: Marian was sent to the necropolis by the black cat: She just hid in the shadows waiting for the vixens to arrive, Marian also declares she did not come alone and reveals the weasels; Marian at first demands Aaron's rod but Lady Blue switches her attention to the fifth component in the sarcophagus which spurs the attention of the weasel leader.

Finally, Marian appears successful when Lady Blue turns to the dark side; handing over the fifth component to the weasel leader as the latter gives out a cruel laugh. But Marian finds out that the vixen is actually giving them the Staff of Moses to kill them as she finds out when snakes emerge from the staff killing weasels, otters, minks, stoats and ferrets by the masses; as they die, Marian vanishes leaving Lady Blue and Maya Ali alone to watch their enemies die by snake.

Search for the Sword:


Insole Court, Marian's home in the final moments of Search for the Sword and the beginning of Duel of the Vixens.

Owing to story reasons, Maid Marian and Lady Blue undergo a reversal of fortune so it is the latter who appears at the very beginning of Search for the Sword whilst in other stories in the Journey of the Vixen series notably Operation Maharaja, All Animals are Equal and Mirage of Arabia she appeared gradually.

In the case of Maid Marian, she does not appear until the very end of the series' penultimate story Search for the Sword where she informs the black cat that she actually has the last component of the Doomsday Weapon which she shows to the black cat who is delighted. But Marian is confused as to why the black cat seems so confident in taking over the world due to Lady Blue having four victories (not counting Operation Maharaja because both Lady Blue and Sophia had a victory) and the black cat has only had two (including this one)

The cat explains that Lady Blue is not colour blind when it comes to telling the difference between red and blue as she has been doing so since the red vixen arrived at Bernwood; then it all comes into play: The cat will disguise herself as the peacock, steal the components and assemble them at a particular location. With this, Marian is left alone ready to give the final component of the weapon to the black cat in the morning.

Duel of the Vixens:

Continuing from the events of Search for the Sword, Maid Marian is seen armed with the last component of the Doomsday Weapon at Insole Court in Wales and comes to England under the black cat's orders. Like Lady Blue, Marian's destination is home; quite literally as her destination is Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire.

As she enters the forest, Marian attracts the attention of Lady Blue who gives chase through the forest and into the city of Nottingham. At first, Lady Blue tries to get her attention by throwing a stone at the back of her neck and whilst it works, Marian thinks nothing off it; until the blue vixen throws another stone with a much greater force at Marian which hits her on the back of the head and she goes straight for the vixen.

Marian is lured to a blacksmiths where Lady Blue kicks her in the stomach causing the last component to fall out of her hands, but she grabs Lady Blue's ankle before she can reach the component and forces her up at sword point (though Marian actually withdraws the sword only to draw it again when the vixen gets to her feet). The blue vixen demands the location of where Marian would have taken the sword but she refuses to answer and a duel ensues.

The duel takes the vixens all the way through Nottingham to an unused Nottinghamshirean country house where Marian defeats Lady Blue after she kicks the latter in the stomach sending her flying into a dining room table. But as the vixen gets to her feet she has also picked up a knife and throws it in Marian's direction.

The knife flies in Marian's direction and strikes her in the back; Lady Blue then asks a dying Marian where she would have taken the last component and a dying Marian gives her the answer: Nottingham Castle. She also tells Lady Blue that the weapon would have been assembled at Nottingham Castle...but before she can finish the sentence, Marian dies.

It is the last three stories of the Journey of the Vixen series when Marian is shown as an antagonist because she becomes a hero in her following appearance The Curse of Maid Marian which, despite having no continuity to the series, was written after Duel of the Vixens in order to give Lady Blue a break from literature so she could return in Red is the Torch, Blue is the Flame, a technique that is also used for the character of Forbflaith Hennessy in which her first two stories in the form of Bounder and the Time Lord and Battle of the Foxes are written first then followed by Kilarth and eventually Seslinian the Invincible.

The Curse of Maid Marian:

Like Jenna in Nightmare of Nome and Lady Blue in Journey of the Vixen, Maid Marian takes on a much more prominent role in her most recent appearance as the titular protagonist of The Curse of Maid Marian where her role takes over from Robin Hood which is also the case for Fox and Vixen in the third series of The Animals of Farthing Wood with their role being filled by Ranger and Charmer.

It is also in this story where of all the female characters that are either made such as Svetlana, Chandrika or Bagyam or exist such as Vixen, Lady Blue and Sasha le Fleur Marian is probably the most unique: Female characters in both animal stories be they real such as herself in Mirage of Arabia, Search for the Sword and Duel of the Vixens and the aforementioned Lady Blue and Vixen as well as original characters such as Chandrika or Bagyam and female characters from human stories such as Helga Blankenburg from the Cold War II series and Caintigern Enright from The Great Irish Heist are strong willed from the word go.

The Curse of Maid Marian however shows Marian as starting off as being a weak character and gradually getting stronger which is also a similar technique used for the character of Ghazal Rashidi in the Surgeon stories. But while Marian is unique in this aspect, there is only one character who is more unique than her: Emma Irwin from the Cold War II series who is a foil to the strong willed women in literature as she is very weak and probably has the worst writing of all the women on both wikis and it would possibly contribute to Emma never appearing again after The Defector.

In the story, Marian once again carries on as the wife of Robin Hood and is delighted when he is no longer an outlaw as Prince John has been deposed. But Robin scares her by taking her out into Sherwood Forest at night however is put at ease when Robin explains that he is doing it for a reason: Since being welcomed into Nottingham he has had not one chance to visit Sherwood Forest again.

Marian's assurance turns back to fear when she is split up by dark figures from Robin Hood and is also forced to watch Robin's death at the hands of an all too familiar foe: Prince John. The prince kills Robin right in front of Marian then turns his attention to Marian and under his orders his men assault her whilst he listens to her screams, even appearing to laugh at them.

Once he calls his men off, Prince John attacks Marian even more by taking out the knife that he used to kill Robin Hood and stabbing her with it. Though both foxes put up spirited defenses, they both amount to nothing though in the case of Marian, she is left with horrific injuries and left for dead as Prince John covers his tracks by ordering the deaths of those who helped him kill the foxes.

But Marian is actually alive and sets out planning her revenge against Prince John; the attack also seems to drive her insane as her first words after she recovers are "You'll see what a REAL lady can do!" and lets out an evil laugh. Over the course of at least three weeks, Marian lives in self imposed exile in Sherwood Forest where she arms herself with all sorts of weapons left by Robin Hood from crossbows and bows and arrows to swords and daggers, and over these three weeks practices for when she kills Prince John.

Also in Marian's grasp is a special arrow known as a "Hydra Arrow" for one reason: Once one arrow is fired, eight more arrows fire with it. After target practice, Marian puts the first part of her plan into action at night branding one family "total fantasists" as she slaughters them all at night; shooting the father with a crossbow, slashing his wife with a sword and stabbing his children with a dagger.

Then Marian proceeds to kill tens of hundreds of very insignificant supporters of Prince John through the night only retreating when she comes across a more prominent supporter who she shoots with a crossbow and retreats back into Sherwood Forest.

In the day time, Marian sends taunting letters to the army who in turn show them to Prince John. At first, the letters are not very convincing and are dismissed by a furious Prince John as hoaxes and infuriate him enough to throw Robin's most common enemy the Sheriff of Nottingham out of his room and throw his aide Sir Hiss halfway across the room like a javelin before tearing up the letters and throwing them off the battlements into his moat.

One last letter addressed to Prince John personally however catches his attention and reads:

"Yes, you have killed Robin Hood! But you won't kill his legacy! You have assaulted me but you didn't kill me, HIS WIFE! As I write this letter, I hereby put a curse on you and all of your supporters; some of them have even felt the full force of my wrath! At the appointed hour, as the clock is chiming, THE NECKS OF NOTTINGHAM WILL BE CUT!

Fear me, Prince John for I have killed off your other supporters. I could easily kill you as well! AT THE APPOINTED HOUR, ROBIN WILL BE AVENGED! AND YOU, PRINCE JOHN! YOU WILL SUCCUMB TO THE CURSE! THE CURSE OF MAID MARIAN! Just pray that your death, IS ONLY, A NIGHTMARE!"

It is also the content of this letter that turns the normally dictatorial prince into a state of catatonia as he displays the thousand yard stare.

As Prince John sleeps Marian continues her revenge against the prince killing off more prominent supporters such as those in the army or the government...and one of those supporters she kills is Sir Hiss when she impales him on an arrow and fires him into the city of Nottingham. After the deaths, Marian steals all the armor from the soldiers she kills, puts them in a sack and drags the sack back to Sherwood Forest where she claims the armor for herself as she ends up wearing it.

Once she gets to Sherwood Forest, Marian becomes stronger when she tears the dress up and converts herself almost into a cyborg when she dons the armor leaving very little of her body vulnerable to attack. Armed with enough weapons, Marian sets off to a festival to drive the nail into the coffin.

At first, Marian appears to get off to a good start taking a seat in the audience who watch a festival that was intended to show jousting and her first assassination goes off well as she kills off Prince John's crocodile supporter; then she appears to shoot herself in the foot when she kills his most prominent supporter right in front of the army. And digs her own grave when she allows her own arrest.

Prince John orders his guards to seize her and is shocked when he finds Marian under the hood. The prince refuses to believe that Marian killed his supporter but she replies: "It IS me, Prince John! And you had better believe it!" then she adds: "Yes, you can imprison me! But it won't make any difference!" The prince does nothing else but has Marian thrown into the dungeons and as she is dragged away, Marian continues screaming: "I'LL KILL YOU!"

At the dungeons, Marian is released from her shackles and thrown into a cell where she is chained up even more. But she sees this as a victory because she is effectively getting closer to Prince John. One night in prison, Marian is visited by a new vixen who has recently joined the army and has been tasked with guarding her in the dungeons.

Though warned not to get too close to Marian, the vixen approaches her with some caution but gets closer. She asks Marian if she is in pain showing more sympathy than other guards and even goes to release her which proves fatal; though the vixen is not Marian's first victim, Marian grabs her wrist causing her to scream in pain as she stands up; the vixen cries out "YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME! I WOULD HAVE SET YOU FREE!" but Marian takes her sword and throws her away snarling:

With the vixen thrown on the floor, the head of the guards' right hand man is alerted and approaches Marian who swiftly kills him as she slits his throat. The right hand man of the head of the guards dead, Marian tells the vixen to "Get out while you still can!" and the vixen does nothing else as Marian begins her killing spree ready to do battle with the other guards.

At first, the guards are ordered to maintain cover on the corridor by the head of the guard's right hand man who Marian shoots down with a crossbow. The guards open fire on Maid Marian but the arrows have no effect because they keep hitting her armor; she then opens fire on guards from both sides killing them all. She then comes across the one who was her own personal guard.

Her personal guard demands that she surrenders but Marian refuses and shoots her down. As Marian leaves the dungeons she comes up to the service to do battle with the last of Prince John's men, and again the arrows have no effect on her armor. Marian then goes onto the battlements and prepares to kill off the last of the army that way; she arms a Hydra arrow into her bow and arrow and fires killing several of those remaining, then she kills Prince John's last military commander as he tries to retreat.

The obstacles overcome, Marian prepares to do battle even more with Prince John this time with the last of his guards. First she engages in a sword fight with them then prepares to do battle with the last of Prince John's men now under the command of the Sheriff of Nottingham, armed with armor piercing arrows. The fight begins and the arrows seem to work but Marian cuts down all of the last of Prince John's men and gives chase to the Sheriff leading her finally to Prince John.

Marian bursts into the throne room, but Prince John is nowhere to be found which makes herself declare:

But Prince John comes out of hiding and pulls the trump card: The Sheriff who is armed with a special chain complete with five shackles: One for the neck, two for the arms and two for the legs; the prince explains that he intends to throw Marian off the battlements and the Sheriff throws the shackles at Marian chaining up her arms and legs before securing her neck.

The Sheriff then drags Marian up to the battlements but Marian manages to get free to grab a dagger and kill the Sheriff when she stabs him in the back and throws him off the battlements; the same way the Sheriff dies in The Lioness and the Lion Prince. With Prince John's last henchman dead, lion and vixen prepare to do battle.

The fight becomes a ferocious sword duel where Marian slashes the prince's chest but he defends his corner with great ferocity even running Marian through a pike and forcing her chest plate off. The opponents continue to fight savagely back to the battlements where Marian is seemingly dying and weaker; the voice of Robin Hood however begs her to use the crossbow to kill Prince John.

With Marian severely weakened, Prince John goes in for the kill but Marian picks up the crossbow, aims it at Prince John and pulls the trigger. The arrow shoots the prince in the chest causing him to scream in pain, the screams frightening the vixen she saved causing her to go back to the castle; Marian finally finishes him off by throwing him back into the castle grounds but she eyes the body for a while before leaving.

A dying Maid Marian drags herself out of the castle where she is confronted by the vixen she saved, as Marian collapses the vixen cradles her and intends to take her back to civilization. But Maid Marian tells the vixen to leave her in Sherwood so she can die with Robin, as she is cradled by the vixen Marian shows off all the wounds she received from her fights with the Sheriff of Nottingham and Prince John and has no armor on her body except from the waist down.

When Marian tells the vixen to go on without her, the vixen ignores her and drags her to civilization hopefully to a hospital.

The Anthro Saga:

In the Anthro Saga Marian is still married to Robin Hood and in the Anthro Saga they are the only characters in the series that did not originally have chilren to have children as they have three daughters: Katya, Lucie and Remy. While her husband is in the army, Marian is a politician serving in the Animalian government as the former home secretary of Animalia under Nava but alongside Vixen and Whisper she is also involved in business as the owner of the Legacy fashion chain.

Marian and her family are also friends of Fox and his family and their relationship is shown in various ways; Both Fox and Robin Hood work for the government under Nava while Fox's daughter Dreamer also works for Legacy which also supplies costumes sometimes to Imagination Film which is the studio that Charmer is often associated with.

In the series Marian and Robin outlive the dictatorship and also shelter many Animalians from the Cybermen, the Daleks and other kidnapping squads. At one point Robin tries to transfer the refugees elsewhere but is ultimately found by the Daleks and a war breaks out between his supporters and the Daleks and whilst Marian gets to safety Robin sacrifices himself and is ultimately exterminated. For the rest of the dictatorship Marian is imprisoned at the Ashtiago Women's Prison whilst her daughters are interned at Majlinka transit camp.

At the end of the dictatorship Marian and her children are amongst the attendents of her husband's state funeral where she is also seen weeping. As Robin's body lies in state she kisses his body and follows the funeral procession with other attendents of her husband's funeral. His body is later interred at the Animalian Dictatorship Museum and there is also a memorial statue of him at the museum where Marian and her children pay their respects to him. She currently lives in Animalia with her daughters.