Maja is an Animalian politician and former soldier currently serving under the Animalian Patriotic Front.


She is an anthropomorphic German Shepherd and is one of the more mysterious members of the A.P.F but at the same time is one of the most darkest. In her soldier days she wears a white blouse, white leggings, a black cape and black over the knee boots whilst in her government time her clothing is more laid back as she wears a dark green sweatshirt, light green skinny jeans and black character shoes. She speaks English, Russian, Macedonian and German.


Maja is often compared to Benazir Bhutto more often than Valerie but she is also often compared to Indira Gandhi because of her devious nature. Like many members of the Animalian military students she also shows her leaders in a very heroic light showing Charlie almost as a savior and she also has a lot of mystery in her but also a rather cruel side showing little respect for enemies and also the more sympathetic Sonya. Though the Israeli dog knows it is only an act Maja comes under very heavy criticism and condemnation from other Israeli dogs but also from many Arab dogs.

Nonetheless she is said to have just as beautiful a singing voice as Sonya or Valdis's wife Dace who sings along with her husband and the other Latvian generals: Andris, Gustavs, Alberts and Guntis yet at the same time is a very strong singer also singing with the Saudi dog Khalid as does the sole female dog Fahda showing that Maja loves to extend her variety of who she sings with, this does not necessarily mean that her allies Metodija and Ljupco treat her badly because they treat her as well as the other Saudi dogs treat Fahda. To her enemies there is a very dark side to her because she will usually collaborate with them but is very unpredictable killing off those who are of little to no use to her from the minute she sees them. Like Eugenie and many others she loves the soldier life she leads but is well known because she is sick and tired of being respectable, Maja is also viewed as a revolutionary by enemies and she is proud of it but nonetheless she is good with young Junta children and relatively good with the Junta babies but is cautious around them because of her cape and boots. In her government time she has little change.

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