"Would I hurt anything as lovely as you?"

Seslinian about Mallauxula

Mallauxula is a Red Fox kaiju that features in The Mammal Wars. First appearing in Outback Vixen, she is the story's titular Vixen and the eventual mate of Seslinian.

Unlike Rivelnesh, her spin off counterpart, Mallauxula does not have any children so whenever her mate appears, she appears with him.


Like Kaulos and Blasteovark, Mallauxula and her eventual mate Seslinian look almost the same but the main difference between them is their statistics; because making Mallauxula half the size of Seslinian would make her a normal Vixen, she is now reduced to being three quarters of his statistics.

For instance, after his alteration, Seslinian is 100cm tall while his mate is 75cm tall.


When looking at Mallauxula, one would not normally expect her to be a kaiju and especially after she has her powers disabled by Jomnune. Evidence of this is shown with Mallauxula being three quarters the size of Seslinian owing to foxes being larger than Vixens and reacting with traditional fox body language.

At first, Mallauxula treats Seslinian with fear because of his supposed genetic engineering or she could be acting out of wild instincts; but when she has her powers, the Vixen is shown to be a powerful enemy in spite of her relatively small size in contrast to a wolf or a bear.

Later on, she exhibits interest in Seslinian's many titles and as time goes by, eventually mates with him after he promises to protect her.

Powers and abilities

In her first appearance, much of Mallauxula's powers and abilities are not shown because upon being held captive by Jomnune, her powers are cancelled. Once he is driven away from England for a second time along with Keeceleon and even before she is taken prisoner, there are elements of Mallauxula's abilities being shown.

Her abilities include both energy and psychic blasts which she uses in battle, largely against Flamiglaux, Zebiccoon and to a lesser extent Jomnune and Keeceleon after getting her powers back; these blasts are also how she kills her prey and are shared by numerous other animals in the series including her own mate.

In spite of being a canine, Mallauxula also has enhanced agility which she shares with her own mate and a few of the other dogs in the series, particularly Flamiglaux to the extent he can disable electronics. But the one power that Jomnune does not disable is intelligence which is shared by every animal in The Mammal Wars.

The Mammal Wars

Part 1:

Outback Vixen:

Following the fight between Kaulos and Jomnune, Mallauxula is first encountered the following day by Seslinian. She is also the first animal (and only animal presumably) in the first series not to be named by Felicity Barbrige, instead Seslinian names her "Mallauxula" based on her barks and heads in her direction where he sees her having killed a rat.

Once the Vixen spots the fox, she first reacts with fear thinking that the fox will harm her but in a telepathic conversation (and the first instance of telepathy being used in the series), Seslinian expresses no desire to harm Mallauxula and instead asks her:

"Would I hurt anything as lovely as you? I would have asked what's your name? But I already learned it because you told me it."

Following on from this telepathic conversation, the fox and the vixen soon begin to spend much more time with each other and even hunt and sleep together in the same den; little do they know however, that in the shadows Jomnune is watching. During the day, Mallauxula and Seslinian begin to spend much more time together and it is during their hunting sessions where the Vixen is revealed to be like the other animals: With superpowers.

The only difference between fox and vixen is that Seslinian actually has origins thanks to the events of Seslinian the Invincible while the other animals have un-explained origins. During the night however, the foxes hear the screech of Keeceleon and the giggle of Jomnune.

As the pair approach, Jomnune attacks first and captures Mallauxula, also cancelling out her powers and forcing her into a holographic prison while Keeceleon forces Seslinian to watch Jomnune torture his mate. The torture ends however, with the presence of Kaulos with whom Seslinian behaves in a friendly way between and prepares to ally himself with the Tiger to get his mate back.

During the fight, Mallauxula can only watch as Kaulos fights Jomnune and Seslinian fights Keeceleon...that is, until Kaulos fights Keeceleon at which point Mallauxula gets her powers back and along with her mate, viciously attacks Jomnune which ends after Kaulos forces Keeceleon into a retreat.

After Keeceleon's forced retreat, Jomnune is furious and so attacks Kaulos in exactly the same fight that he once fought with Jomnune. Only this time, there is a difference because instead of cat helping dog, it is dog that helps cat.

Or rather, dogs that help cat thanks to Jomnune's continued attempts to drown Kaulos in a pond, again like he tried to do with Seslinian the first time they fought. It is dogs because as well as Seslinian, Mallauxula helps to attack Jomnune so Kaulos can use his fire breath to banish Jomnune from England once more.

Having banished Jomnune from England again, the foxes and the tiger show friendly gestures and after the tiger leaves, both foxes head back to a new den thanks to the fight made by Kaulos and Jomnune.

The Siege of Sheephouse Wood:

A month or so has passed since the events of Outback Vixen and Mallauxula has already mated with Seslinian. The pair are also a lot happier now that they have spent that amount of time together with neither Jomnune nor his allies coming back to kill them and it is here where the telepathic conversations that are first seen in Outback Vixen and finish in Call of the Cats for The Mammal Wars and start at Invaders and Wives and continue all the way through to the end in the case of Defenders of Earth.

A lot has also changed in the case for the fox; he has gained a mate (Mallauxula) and thus far two allies (Vlaasarak and Kaulos) and a larger amount of territory that he previously had when he was a lone fox and was living since Return to Buckinghamshire at least when he came back to the county. But as well as a mate and allies, Seslinian has also gained a large number of enemies.

In a telepathic conversation, Mallauxula thanks Seslinian for saving her from Jomnune and while the fox is appreciative of her thanks he also tells her:

"It's the story of my life since I was altered."
When Mallauxula asks what he means when he says "I was altered", the fox replies with:
"Sheephouse Wood is my home and it always was before a scientist came along. She's now in captivity of the Army; since then, I've fought a wolf, a tiger, the Hyena who captured you and that Devil that came with him."
While a coyote lays siege to Buckinghamshire, Mallauxula and Seslinian are both oblivious to the fact that their home country is being invaded...until she spots the shadows of other animals entering the wood. She goes to investigate and at first believes the shadow driving animals into Sheephouse Wood to be Jomnune who has returned and is trying to kill Seslinian a third time.

But Seslinian disagrees and tells her to watch and listen as the source of the disturbance to the animals is not Jomnune; instead, he believes it to be Kouleton until it gives out another bark and howl at which point he names the source "Flamiglaux".

In another telepathic dialogue, Mallauxula and Seslinian wonder as to why a coyote, a canine native to the Americas, is doing in England while Seslinian even questions why a dog has come to England instead of a cat since cats have quicker reflexes and are more stealthy:

"Your guess is as good as mine, Mallauxula. If England is coming under attack from a phantom animal for the third time, I would have expected a cat to come here like one that laid siege to another nature reserve or the tiger I had fought. If anyone wants to attack England, it simply beggars belief why a dog would come instead of a cat."

Granted, Seslinian's territory has been expanded from the territory that he used to live in when he was a lone fox and even before he was altered by Forbflaith to the territory he now shares with Mallauxula, but this time thanks to the coyote, the foxes have no choice but to stay on the outskirts of Sheephouse Wood out of fears that the coyote is right outside the forest.

But the fear of Flamiglaux is too great and it also presents a Morton's Fork situation for the foxes: If they fall asleep, they risk missing the coyote who may enter Sheephouse Wood, kill them, then kill all the animals in the wood but if they stay awake, they risk tiredness and they will be too sluggish to attack the coyote in case he does come for them. Eventually, the coyote enters right into Sheephouse Wood but it does not attack straight away.

Instead, Flamiglaux pauses and eyes Seslinian in a way that looks as if the pair have met each other before; it is also the presence of Flamiglaux that gives Seslinian a feeling of deja vu:

"Even though the foxes kept an eye on the coyote, it vanished once again; only this time, it didn't leave Sheephouse Wood like Jomnune was forced to do when under attack from both Seslinian and Vlaasarak and later was assaulted on all sides from Seslinian, Mallauxula and Kaulos when he came back for revenge.
Instead, the coyote was right inside Sheephouse Wood and stayed there; for Seslinian, "Flamiglaux" was a feeling of deja vu because it took him back to when Vlaasarak came to England for the first time and helped him fight Jomnune; why was this the case? Because both coyote and lion had ambiguous alliances, but the only difference was that Vlaasarak eventually helped Seslinian while "Flamiglaux" seemed to be another associate of Jomnune or was one of those PHANTOM animals.

By PHANTOM animals, one does not mean the cats that previously attacked animals with the phantom leopard or jaguar that came in 1985 to lay siege to the nature reserve that Seslinian mentioned or the beast of Ambleside and its surrounding areas including Coniston, Grasmere, Derwent, Windermere, Rydal or Thirlmere in the 51st Century that the fox had fought.

By PHANTOM animals, one means the animals that the Vixens felt that could have been sent to England by the organization to kill Seslinian so that the country would be vulnerable to attack from them in its bid for world domination."
But the foxes see footprints and so follow them to a deer fawn that has been severely mutilated by Flamiglaux:
"There was Flamiglaux standing over the corpse of a deer fawn; blood stained his mouth, teeth and gums and despite coyotes hunting by lacerating their prey's throat, the deer fawn was covered from head to tail in scratches.

The scratches were awful enough to frame even Jomnune or another hyena, indicating that Flamiglaux may have had a questionable relationship with Seslinian but had an even more heated animosity with Jomnune and other hyenas; Flamiglaux's damage to the fawn's throat was also so severe that the coyote could have torn its throat out if he wanted to."

Over time, Flamiglaux leaves few remains as evidence but leaves more and more tracks in his wake allowing Seslinian and Mallauxula to confront him and despite beliefs he was sent by PHANTOM, Flamiglaux reveals that none of Seslinian's enemies were sent by the organization and he even lambasts the organization calling them "filthy terrorists.".

As Flamiglaux goes on a rampage, the foxes try to stop it and are almost successful with Seslinian declaring to the coyote when asked who he is to stand up against him:

"I am Seslinian the Invincible! Defender of England to many people and Superfox to children; victor of a fight with tiger and hyena and will soon be victor to a fight with a coyote!"
Flamiglaux simply laughs and lets out a howl that sounds like he is signalling others to attack but the foxes fight back and blast him until they can do it no more by which point the coyote tells the pair:
"I may not have been sent by those puny terrorists! But you've made a big mistake Seslinian; once you've fought your first flying opponent, an old one shall return. Then once you've fought old and new enemies, you'll have ALL of them to fight and those terrorists with them.

Then once you've driven them off, the mammal wars really will begin! The war of nerves will be fought once you drive those terrorists away!"

He then leaves the forest in disgust leaving the foxes without the desire for celebration because it is felt that Seslinian's next opponent will no doubt mean that the fox will meet his match.

Seslinian vs. Zebiccoon:

Part 2:

Vengeance of the Wolf:

Hyenas and Tigers:

Girls of England:

Call of the Cats:

Part 3:

The PHANTOM Invasion:

See Also

  • Rivelnesh; Dragon and eventual mate of Firroth. Unlike Mallauxula, Rivelnesh actually fought a hostile dragon in the form of Sovmulnaar before being taken prisoner.

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