Manuel is a Spanish fox involved with the Fox Junta. He is the husband of Sofia and the father of Carmen.


He was named after the Fawlty Towers character of the same name


He is often described as being "the traditional fox" as he has red fur but a yellow underbelly. His rank in the Junta also earns him the name "El general". In his first appearance he is a normal fox but in his return in the Anthro Saga he dresses like what some say to be like Rafael Trujillo as he wears a white shirt, a black tie, grey trousers and a grey jacket.


Not only is Manuel friendly with other Spanish generals in the Junta but also the Latin American generals and the Italian generals because they are Romance foxes, he often views the National Protection Process as a Junta thanks to the past when most of Latin America was governed by the military. But not only is he interested in the army but also the navy and the air force and after the Junta's dissolution he visits places to do with the military with his wife and his daughter. He is also shown to be just as close to his boss Francisco as Juan and Jose.

His wife also says that he has much in common with Rafael Trujillo as he is well known for his sadism delighting in Siad's posthumous mutilation and the fact he takes very few prisoners, much like others Manuel is rather chivalrous but respects allies equally. Much like Emilio in the N.P.P Manuel is a very fiery speaker declaring that "The convicted will not only face death at the hands of the Fox Junta but will be attacked beyond death as well!" When he first ,meets Zia he also believes him to be Spanish to which Zia takes offense but eventually gets to like him. Manuel also gets to befriend the other Pakistani dogs very quickly as much as his allies, but aside from his violent nature he is very protective and loves his wife and daughter.

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