Maria is a Colombian vixen involved with the Fox Junta. She is the wife of Gilberto and the mother of Carola.


Alongside other vixens like Tatjana and Nexhmije Maria is another recognizable vixen in the Fox Junta. She has yellow fur with a dark blue stripe starting at her head and running down her back and a red underbelly. In her first appearance she is a normal vixen but in her return in the Anthro Saga she wears a black knee length dress but she still goes barefoot. Maria speaks English and Spanish.


In her first appearance Maria is shown to be a very resistant character and shows that Cristina is not the only one who starts off singing as she sparks off singing "Forest Awake". Unfortunately though she is a strong singer she is also a very loud singer and finds out what Cristina was telling her too late as Steele beats her to the ground. She is then subjected to a mock execution after executioners fire unloaded guns at her. She is then taken back to her cell and warned of the consequences if she sings again.

In her return in the Anthro Saga Maria is shown to still show symptoms of anxiety and P.T.S.D but unlike Cristina Maria has a quick recovery. She is also shown to be more responsible since she has a child of her own and though she was resistant and aggressive before Maria is shown to be more docile in her nightmare where she is arrested as she thinks that if she resists then she will be executed for real. Like another vixen Anita at her trial Maria's headset translates the words of her judge Hissene into Spanish but she responds in English.

But she still has a strong sense in her personality as she is also shown to be a skilled leader involved with the fight against the Illusionist and is one of few vixens to trust Emily when she first meets her. But aside her personality she is shown to be a compassionate character who is good with other Junta children alongside her daughter and is shown to be a friendly character.

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