Not to be confused with the kitten of the same name

Marie is a French vixen involved with the Fox Junta. She is the wife of Marcel and the mother of Bernadette.


Like the Polish vixen Anna Marie has white fur but unlike Anna Marie's underbelly is navy blue and she has a red stripe running down her back. In her first appearance she is a normal vixen but in her anthro form she is arguably the most recognizable of them all. She wears a white polo shirt, a white fur coat, a black skirt, standard colored tights and high heeled shoes when she is in the bunker and when she is in Argentina. At her trial she discards her coat but continues to wear the clothing she wears around the Bunker. In battle she goes barefoot. Marie speaks English and French.


Marie is often an elegant and polite character off the battlefield. But behind her elegance she is a very fierce fighter and can often come off as being arrogant because she refuses to accept her arrest and like Galina refuses to accept why she is on trial. Unlike Galina though Marie does not shake off any charges and despite the fact she leans back she is still sits up. Despite her arrogance though Marie does share a friendship with other Junta vixens even her old rival Herta and is also a loving and motherly character.

Whereas Silvia is known for her sophistication Marie is often well known for her love of fashion, as such her family is also regarded as rather sophisticated, she can also be rather cunning like the standard vixen in her case as she is commonly seen playing chess at times and like her daughter is still full of responsibility as she knows what to do with her extravagance, like many others including Maja she is shown to be ready for battle and in the air is as fierce as she is on the ground. As well as her old rival Herta and other vixens Marie is also particularly friendly with Sofia, Elena, Svetlana and Maja and the five vixens are also involved in flying during Operation vixen.

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