Mario is an Italian fox involved with the Fox Junta. He is the left hand man of Giovanni alongside Silvio.


He has white fur with a red face and a green underbelly. In his first appearance he is a normal fox but in his return in the Anthro Saga he is shown to be a lot more immaculate than Silvio as he wears a white shirt, grey-brown trousers, a dark blue tie and a grey brown jacket.


At times Mario is described as a decent driver but not the type of driver you really want to trust in driving for you as he tends to be a more risky driver if he drives at a very high speed. As such he is often regarded as one of the Junta's most feared generals and one of it's most efficient and lethal a he has a tendency to give a target a lift and either go somewhere else or abandon the car and leave someone to die in it.

However because of this he is highly respected by, unsurprisingly, the Animalian military students often due to his antagonistic reputation especially since he is just as loyal to Giovanni as Silvio, Vincente and Giuseppe. In spite of his antagonistic reputation he is relieved that the Junta do not lash out at Mechanikat's Junta once the dictatorship has finished and it's surviving members, allies and collaborators put under arrest and taken in custody. He also has a great dislike for young children particularly as Vincente's son Antonio throws a stone at Fazlallah who gets into a fight with fellow resistance fighter Salim causing the fighter to go for him only to be rugby tackled again.

Silvio trusts Mario as he can drive smooth even in the most difficult situations but only if his vehicle and tyres are in good condition and though he is loyal this is also his greatest flaw as he takes his orders into a great amount of consideration and as such is someone more likely to abandon you than wait and is also not someone you want to help you dismantle a machine gun from a stand. In spite of this though he remain loyal to the Junta to the end.

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