Martina is an Animalian politician and former soldier currently serving under the Animalian Patriotic Front.


She is an anthropomorphic Slovak Cuvac which is suitable since she is Slovakian already. In her soldier days she wears a dark green skirt, a white blouse, a dark green jacket, a brown belt across her waist and black boots. In her government time she wears a white blouse, a black skirt and black tights. Unlike before she goes barefoot.


Martina suffers from a form of paranoia which often leads to her having delusions of seeing or hearing Mechanikat or any of the A.P.F and is particularly prone to emotional outbursts but does not have a bad temper which is very surprising to many of the Fox Junta's allies. She is also surprised that despite the fact Josefina is one and Santiago is two they can walk and not referred to as "toddlers". Nonetheless apart from her paranoia Martina is respected by her allies whilst her enemies would have killed her and it is this that makes her see Charlie as the Oskar Schindler of the Animalian Patriotic Front who sheltered Animalian dissidents and who saved the Animalian Patriotic Front from Mechanikat's Junta.

Another thing that Martina imagines is that she can imagine hearing the voice of Mechanikat and the Animalian Union's leader Oswald and also Animalians on the Tube station being threatened with machine guns. Aside her paranoia she is rather pacifistic and is shocked when Mashiur gets into a fight with Choummaly thinking that either Mashiur will kill Choummaly, Choummaly will kill Mashiur or one of the other jackals will. Despite this though she does trust the Fox Junta and their allies and later on her paranoia dies down and by the time she is in the government Martina becomes much more rational.

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