Maryam is an Animalian politician and former soldier currently serving under the Animalian Patriotic Front.


She is an anthropomorphic Rhodesian Ridgeback and is one of about ten African dogs including herself, these dogs are also Muslims. In her soldier days she wears a brown Islamic dress and sometimes either a hijab or most commonly she wears a dark green jilbab and goes barefoot, sometimes she is also noted for her use of a niqab. In Argentina she continues to wear her robes but instead she wears a black chador and black sandals whilst in her government time she wears blue robes and typically a pink jilbab. Again she goes barefoot.


Being someone from a country that has had a history of on and off military dictatorships and a period of coup after coup after coup and on top of that fighting against terrorism Maryam is described as someone who is very, very brave and audacious not being afraid of any terrorist group like others do be that group be Boko Haram or the Lord's Resistance Army. As a result she has come under heavy criticism and has been accused by other Muslim Nigerian women of giving into to terrorists but she has a very strong anti-government stance against the Nigerian government of doing nothing to control the insurgency and wonder why so many have died.

As a result she does not also see other terrorist groups like Boko Haram kidnapping her as a kidnap and insists she joins willingly and believes that it is watching the forces help her with her future and what she eventually becomes: a guerrilla fighter of her own. But off the battlefield Maryam follows more Islamic traditions but it still pertains to the fact she is fascinated by terrorist groups. Ibrahim also says of meeting her "She watched Boko Haram, she watched the LRA, she watched all the insurgent groups in Africa. And I think that she watched them to collect all the bad things in herself." Yakubu says of her being most likely to be a part of an armed group than part of Islamic society.

The Nigerian government describes Maryam also as someone who has been radicalized by the terrorist groups that she has been witnessing and someone who never rests, others say that she is someone who would take part in an insurgency any day and the ideal, if not perfect, soldier; dedicated, disciplined and ready to serve the cause. Maryam is often described as a typical terrorist but only attacks those who "deserve it." and is described as someone who fights for herself instead of insurgents highlighting her tendencies to attack other insurgents. In the A.P.F though she is a lot less aggressive but ultimately loyal to the end.

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