Maximiliano is a Salvadoran fox involved with the Fox Junta. He is the son of the Salvadoran general Joaquin and his wife Vanda.


He was named after Salvadoran dictator Maximiliano Hernandez Martinez


Much like his friend Florencio he is another recognizable member of the Junta as he has very dark blue almost navy blue fur but like the other members of the Junta Maximiliano has a white underbelly and face, and wears a green and white striped T-Shirt and grey trousers.


Much like Lorenzo Maximiliano has mixed feelings of being in the Junta, unlike Lorenzo Maximiliano can be very xenophobic to enemies but at the same time he is very respectful to allies and the other older Junta children even Jerónimo who he calls a spoilsport for calling the idea of making Siad meow like a cat as being "ridiculous" and also says "We need to be as cruel as our foe" but this statement later goes out the window. Of the Latin American children Maximiliano is particularly close to Marco, Jerónimo, Florencio, Hugo and basically all the Latin American children in general.

Like his friend Florencio he has a British sense of humour basically often dry and cynical but he enjoys Arnold's impression of the Green Goblin on stage and enjoys it even more when Santiago gets hit by a water bomb that Arnold throws. Despite him hurting Santiago Arnold's relationship with Lucia does not change and she acknowledges that it was an accident. Also though he calls Jerónimo a spoilsport he respects him as well as not just Latin American children but also European children, as well as that he respects his allies and eventually his enemies.

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