Melanie is a guard at Trebdanek concentration camp and a former member of the Animalian Junta.


Like the Sheriff's girlfriend Hannah and another member Maya Melanie is an anthropomorphic wolf who is arguably the most exploitative member of the Junta. Like other members she wears a white blouse, a dark green skirt, a dark green jacket, black boots and a belt across her waist. She also wears tights most of the time as well as black leather gloves and often goes barefoot.


Like most of the guards Melanie often likes to show off her body but unlike Hannah, Crystal and other members of the Junta she does it in the most exploitative ways possible. She keeps the clothing she wears on duty but likes to see Animalians as her playthings and like Sunita and Olivia often sees Trebdanek as her personal playground. The methods Melanie does to show her body off is that she will often walk around Trebdanek often wearing over the knee boots, she often walks around without a skirt and wearing a blouse, a jacket, tights and boots, sometimes she walks round barefoot and sometimes goes to the extreme and walks around Trebdanek bare chested and simply wearing a pair of tights and on the occasion walks round the camp bare chested wearing a pair of tights and her military boots though on the occasion she will often wear over the knee boots.

Another thing that strikes Melanie out is her personality. She is a sadist but she doesn't beat her victims like Maria or Hannah do but instead walks round the camp showing off her body and if anyone looks at her she has them shot. Like Crystal Melanie is often called "a cub in a wolves body" because she has a soft voice like a child. Unlike Crystal another thing that makes Melanie stand out from the other guards is that even on duty she acts like a child.


After the fall of Trebdanek Melanie is arrested and sent to the Animalian Palace of Justice where she is tried for acts of sadism and exploitation of her victims and sentenced to 20 years in prison but like another guard Hannah she is released for good behavior after she serves 10 years behind bars. Today Melanie resides in Animalia.

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