Mikhaylyna is an Animalian politician, former secret agent and former soldier currently serving under the Animalian Patriotic Front.


She is an anthropomorphic Siberian Husky even though she is Ukrainian however it is suitable that she is this breed since Ukraine is near Russia. In her soldier days she wears a black and red rubber bodysuit like a wetsuit and black and red rubber gloves but in her government time Mikhaylyna is more elegant as she wears a white blouse, a black knee length skirt, a white fur coat at times and black thigh length boots.


Most members of the A.P.F often call Mikhaylyna a very skilled "criminal" and "criminal leader" whilst her enemies say that she turns many of the Slavic dogs into a criminal organization. It is also said that she has many similarities to a cat burglar as she is also very alluring and seductive able to bribe her way out of prison plenty of times. But what makes her a perfect cat burglar is her very slick personality and the fact she is an expert at gymnastics. Just as the Mongolian dog Khajidsurengiin is nicknamed "Khajid" Mikhaylyna is known by allies and police alike as "Hayly" which other Slavic dogs call her, most allies often call her "Black beauty" whilst police call her "Black dog".

Since she has had a criminal background and has been in and out of prison about 15 times most of them times being burglary or theft it is no surprise that Mikhaylyna is very adventurous and fun loving but is also very fiercely protective of allies as well as young children and babies. But not only does Hayly treat other female Slavic dogs like sisters but also treats female Asian dogs like sisters, the other Ukrainian dogs which also include Ruslana and Yulia also co-operate with Asma, Mehriban and Nina forming the A.P.F's reconnaissance side.

Hayly's nationality also earns her befriending the Ukrainian vixen Lyudmilla and her daughter Hanna as well as many other Junta vixens. To enemies she is very defiant but is also re-assuring particularly re-assuring the younger Junta children and the Junta babies who are also very curious around her but much to their dismay Hayly does not let them play with her suit but she does hold them at times, she also does not let them play with her tail. Her defiance also at times leading to her becoming arrogant believing she is better than enemies but when it comes to her government time she is more down to earth.

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